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Tekzilla 188 – Intel SandyBridge Recall!

by Jon Cole in Tech1700 days ago

The latest episode of Tekzilla starts off with a veritable smorgasbord of topics, ranging from MacWorld gadgets, iPod warranties, and the situation in Egypt. The biggest piece of news by far is the recall of Intel’s new Sandy Bridge chipset, which is caused primarily by rogue SATA 3.0 ports. PC Perspective’s Ryan Shrout joins the show to fill us in on the details, which revolves around the fact that the problem is on the motherboards and that mobo manufacturers will be responsible for contact with consumers. Veronica got a chance to...


TWiT 266: Musty Shelbang

by Jon Cole in Tech1838 days ago

TechCrunch has a lot of reach within the tech industry and sparked some rumors about an upcoming Facebook-branded phone (which Zuckerburg and his company have since renounced). Baratunde and Nick make the point that such a phone would likely be quite popular, considering the fact that younger demographics use Facebook for many of the same functions that smartphones often deliver.’s new iPhone live streaming app leads to some conversation about how this might contribute to the lifestreaming trend or even just giving rise to a greater...


This is Only a Test – Episode 28 – The Tangent Has a Tangent – 9/16/2010

by Alex Martin in Games, Tech1843 days ago

Maybe there’s something in the air around Giant Bomb’s staff, because this is one of the least on-topic podcasts Tested have put out. Will, Norm, and Gary still manage to fit plenty of tech news and reviews into just over an hour. After starting with some weird tangents, they discuss Will and Norm’s smart-phone battery test. Their results weren’t that useful, because who uses a smart-phone for calls only? The office’s newest toy — a remote-controlled quadricopter — is a lot of fun, but expensive. Norm’s...

TWiT 262: The Bozo Filter

by Jon Cole in Tech1865 days ago

It’s a three-man This Week in Tech, maybe even equivalent to a two-man show considering Julio is out of the studio and doesn’t get too many words in. Leo uses this newfound pulpit to rant a little bit about his utter disappointment over social media due to a recent issue he had with Google Buzz. Real news enters the conversation before too long, starting things off (as usual) with some Apple rumors. This time, the guys speculate about the role of a possible iTV set-top box and propose the idea that the Magic Trackpad might be intended...


TWiT 259: Next Stop: Gilbert, Arizona

by Jon Cole in Tech1889 days ago

This week’s TWiT is a little scattershot as far as topics are concerned, but that’s mostly because of the great crew this week that includes John C. Dvorak, Baratunde Thurston, Brian Brushwood, and Felicia Day. The big topic to start things off is the Apple iOS4 stable jailbreak, which Leo somehow convinces Brian to perform on his own iPhone live on the show. Luckily, no iPhones were harmed in the production of this program. The update to the Amazon Kindle series allows for a brief dive into the perennial topic of eReaders and the merits...


This is Only a Test – Episode 12 – Lobot Strikes Back – 5/20/2010

by Alex Martin in Tech1962 days ago

This week’s all aluminum foil, Apple, Google, and exercise equipment on the Tested podcast. Norm helped co-host Will rig his apartment with foil and other high tech equipment in an effort to improve his home network. In Google news, their I/O conference has brought word of technology that will allow web masters to use more fonts on their sites. Wave is now available to everyone. The Chrome App store could be Google’s revolutionary alternative to desktops. They also have a free video codec coming that will be an alternative to the...


TWiT 243: Eat A Hot Bowl Of Nintendo Wiis

by Jon Cole in Tech2001 days ago

In this week’s “Leo loves the iPad” segment, TWiT’s new cast of characters get to throw their two cents on whether or not they love Apple’s latest device, coming out decidedly more unimpressed as a whole.  Veronica got a chance to use Ryan Block’s iPad, remarking that it’s a bit inconvenient to not have multiple user profiles for an “appliance” device like this one.  Brian Brushwood adds that the lack of camera and extra $30 monthly fee for 3G service is enough to have him hold off, despite...


TWiT 240: The Texas Reach-Around

by Jon Cole in Tech2020 days ago

Twitter’s birthday starts things off for this show, allowing Leo to plug @LisaTickledPink and give another mention to the associated iPad giveaway.  Next up is Sprint’s deceptive marketing in their recent commercial, advertising their 4G services while showing an iPhone accessing 4G via their wi-fi mobile hotspot.  Wrapping up the mobile talk, Leo talks a little bit about Palm’s recent drop in stock prices while John essentially holds a funeral for the company. The biggest mainstream tech news of the week is the story of a “hacker”...


TWiT 239: Meat Up

by Jon Cole in Tech2027 days ago

Leo Laporte was in Austin, Texas this past weekend attending SXSWi (South By Southwest Interactive) and brings a guest-packed show from a live panel he had at the event.  Since there are so many people on the show, several different panels were discussed as well as a ton of different news stories. Since SXSW is one of the biggest social media events of the year, it seems appropriate that social media topics dominate the first half of the show.  Dana Boyd’s keynote raised a lot of eyebrows when she suggested that privacy isn’t necessarily...


TWiT 238: Lisa Hates Technology

by Jon Cole in Tech2033 days ago

A regular TWiT cast is joined by Fox and Friends’ Clayton Morris, starting off with the news that the Apple iPad is facing a minor delay.  In response, Microsoft has released some information on the formerly rumored Courier tablet. With Conan O’Brien’s latest move to elevate a random person to internet celebrity status simply through his Twitter friend list, Leo and Kevin up the ante with their own candidate, @LisaTickledPink (whom Kevin chose by looking up “I hate technology” in Twitter’s search function).  At...


Mobcast Episode 35

by Jon Cole in Games2098 days ago

Bitmob’s own Aaron Thomas and Demian Linn are joined by Matt Chandronait and Anthony Gallegos to usher in the new year, but carry along a little bundle of memories from the last.  With such being the case, the guys discuss their biggest surprises and disappointments of 2009, starting off with Aaron who was disappointed by Uncharted 2.  The game didn’t necessarily appall him, but the seemingly unanimous hype among the media built up his expectations to a point where the smallest blemishes appeared that much bigger. Matt brings a particularly...

TWiT 222: 3 Dollah Coffee Pot

by Jon Cole in Tech2139 days ago

This Week in Tech is down to a barebones cast, but that doesn’t mean there’s any shortage of news.  The first point of discussion is the class-action lawsuit against Facebook and Zynga, due to their delivery of deceptive, scammy advertisement.  Advertising is an oft discussed issue on TWiT, so it shouldn’t be surprising that nobody has anything nice to say about Zynga. Both Leo and Becky are positive about the California ban on power-consumptive televisions, but John isn’t sold.  Despite his typical antagonism, he manages to uncover some...

TWiT 218: Escape from Farmville

by Jonathan Downin in Tech2169 days ago

Twitter continues to branch out with word that the teens are starting to control trending topics. Windows 7 is still the big news with everyone sharing their thoughts on the new operating system. It is almost impossible to find someone who is generally negative on Windows 7, and that’s about the biggest win any release of this magnitude can hope for. Apple has done their best to steal some of Microsoft’s thunder by releasing a slew of new products last week, and issuing a few new highly targeted ads. Net neutrality is back in the news...

TWiT 217: The A.I. Spy Club

by Jonathan Downin in Tech2176 days ago

It’s a joke-laden show this week, but they are not all winners. Comedian and host of the Science Channel’s Future of:, Baratunde Thurston, is on and adds a lot of energy to the mix. Twitter starts out the topics with the news that lists are being integrated into the service. It is not available to everyone yet, but all accounts should have the new feature soon. Google is going into “offensive mode” with a round of hirings and acquisitions on the way. The guys discuss the use of peer bandwidth which essentially allows Google...

TWiT 214: Live From Caracas

by Jonathan Downin in Tech2197 days ago

It’s back to the classic group of TWiTs this week with Patrick Norton and Kevin Rose. Google’s Sidewiki project is not getting a positive response from Leo. He argues that this is bad for site owners as they lose control of the discussion around their content. USB 3.0 and Intel’s Light Peak lead into a discussion about SSDs and Leo shares his experience. Tablet talk also sneaks in with Courier and the mythical Apple tablet. Kevin talks about the code-share Digg has with Facebook using the open source project Casandra. Since Twitter...