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This is Only a Test – Episode 51 – Meet the Controversacast – 2/3/2011

by Alex Martin in Tech1707 days ago

This week, Gary appears as his alter-ego, Ana, so they can pump out an information-packed podcast. They start with Google’s Honeycomb event, where Google detailed the forthcoming version of their Android operating-system, optimized for tablets. Intel recalled their Sandy Bridge motherboards, which would have caused errors in SATA drives over time. Will’s happy that they acknowledged and fixed the error quickly. Twitter followers of Google and Microsoft employees have been party to some petty squabbling this week. Norm explains exactly...

Game Scoop!

Game Scoop! Podcast: Free Copies of Dragon Age 2

by Jon Cole in Games1735 days ago

CES is big news in the tech industry, but it seems that the conference still doesn’t offer anything particularly interesting to the gaming-focused crowd. Sony largely danced around any rumors of the PSP Phone or PSP2 while Microsoft flaunted 8 million Kinect units shipped, much to Daemon’s chagrin. Avatar Kinect was also announced, which appears to be little more than a 360-branded version of PlayStation Home. Daemon played ilomilo and has fairly positive opinions on the game, but Kristine’s review of Microbot steals the most spotlight....


This is Only a Test – Episode 34 – Thursday Morning Hangover – 10/28/2010

by Alex Martin in Games, Tech1806 days ago

Starting with the smartphone adverts aired during the World Series, Will, Norm, and Gary are back to talk about the week’s tech happenings. They talk about their review of Logitech’s Revue media streamer, and why Jason Chen is wrong about Google TV. Will’s also been enjoying the syrupy espresso shots his Mypressi Twist is producing. In the news, Barnes and Noble have announced a color-screen Nook. But is it an underpowered tablet or an overpowered e-reader? A CNN Money article and comments from outgoing Chief Software Architect...


Game Scoop! Podcast: The Fallout from Fallout

by Peter Barta in Games1809 days ago

It fast-paced action this week as the Game Scoop crew races through game after game.  Kristine kicks things off with solid reviews for Fallout: New Vegas and Costume Quest.  Fallout is buggier than it should be, but she still rated the game highly, especially for its pc delivery.  Costume Quest, despite its repetition and short length, is adorable and enjoyable.  The Wii appears to be focused less on motion control while Microsoft and Sony try to catch up in that department.  NBA Jam will essentially be released unfinished, and you can expect...


Engadget Podcast 216 – 10.16.2010

by Jon Cole in Tech1816 days ago

With Chris Ziegler on this week’s show, The Engadget Podcast is full to the brim with mobile talk. Nokia’s latest handset, the N8, has been subject to much controversy due to the fanaticism of its fans. Engadget’s review was a joint operation of several editors, most of which agreed that the hardware is generally impressive while the latest version of Symbian OS simply doesn’t live up to modern expectations. The biggest news of the mobile world is clearly the upcoming launch of Windows Phone 7. At their launch event, they...

Weekend Confirmed

Weekend Confirmed Episode 24

by Peter Barta in Games1861 days ago

This week’s Weekend Confirmed is absolutely packed, despite being down one member.  With Brian sick, its Garnett and Jeff touching on all manner of content, starting with Whatcha Been Playin?  They spread the wealth this week, talking about Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, Shogun 2, Mafia 2, Sonic Riders for Kinect, and F1 2010.  Garnett gives a quick teaser for the upcoming Borderlands DLC and Jeff explains his new favorite boardgame Cutthroat Caverns. The Warning gives us the third week of discussion surrounding shooting in games and potential...

Engadget Podcast

Engadget Podcast 176: CES 2010 Day 2 – 01.07.2010

by Jonathan Downin in Tech2100 days ago

Another day of CES needs to be covered and the Engadget guys are at it again. The Microsoft Press Conference took place yesterday and it was a semi-awkward affair. Steve Ballmer took MC duties, and this really isn’t his forte. An underwhelming slate device was shown off and Project Natal took up some time. There were a lot of phone announcements including word the AT&T is getting into the Android game in a big way, including the Mini 3 handset from Dell. 2 unannounced WebOS devices are coming to AT&T as well which has Joshua duly excited....

Diggnation | Episode 190 – Kevin Rose: Bill Gates Fanboy?

by Jonathan Downin in Tech2423 days ago

Watching Diggnation it’s pretty easy to view Kevin Rose as an everyday dude, but when you hear that he was invited to have lunch with Bill Gate you realize the he really isn’t. Wow, the Onion really nails it with the announcement of SONY’s latest and worst.  Don’t miss it. There is a very coherent and thought out discussion on the issue of sponsors disassociating themselves from Michael Phelps after the pot smoking incident. When a Mac fanboy meets Bill Gates, Sony Releases New Stupid POS That Doesn’t F#cking Work,...

gdgt weekly 021 – 01.16.2009

by Jonathan Downin in Tech2457 days ago

If you were clammoring for some gadget talk from the gdgt guys that is not dominated by the Palm Pre, here it is. The big topic of this episode is the recent news of Steve Jobs taking a 6 month leave from Apple.  There are some wide ranging opinions about what this means for Apple and if Jobs will even return to the company. On one hand Steve has been instrumental making Apple what it is from the company it was 10 years ago.  Certainly things won’t be the same without him, but has he already instilled a corporate culture that can be sustained...

Engadget Podcast 128 – 01.11.2009: CES wrap-up

by Jonathan Downin in Tech2461 days ago

Wow, talk about a complete cavalcade of coverage– Engadget out-did themselves this CES. As you can see, they have done 5 podcasts over the past 5 days.  I don’t blame you if you didn’t listen to them all, but this is the wrap -up show, so if there is one you are going to listen to, make it this one. Well, it’s over — and what a week it’s been. Join Josh, Paul, Nilay and super-special guest Thomas Ricker as they wrap-up the big announcements and trends of CES 2009 — a little something about netbooks, a little...

Tekzilla | Episode 69 – CES Day 2

by Jonathan Downin in Tech2462 days ago

The Tekzilla crew are really cranking out the shows.  In this one from CES day 2 we get iPod speaker docks, cameras, a blu-ray player, the Sony Vaio P and $9000 touch-screen sewing machine!  Who needs some of this stuff?  Still cool to see though. Ultimate Blu-ray Player, Vaio P, Digital Cameras and The V Segment Runtime – 21:47 Link (Tekzilla)

Tekzilla | Episode 67 – CES Day 1

by Jonathan Downin in Tech2463 days ago

Patrick and Veronica are covering CES on this week’s show and they have some cool stuff on-hand.  Being live makes this episode a little rough, but still fun and informative non-the-less. The Lenovo dual-screen notebook looks pretty crazy.  After having used a multiple monitor set-up for a few years now I can understand how someone would want more than one screen, but in a notebook?  Seems a little impractical to me.  Lightweight and portable on the go and heavy duty at the workstation is more of the way to go for most I would think. HD...

Engadget Podcast 126 – 01.09.2008: CES day three

by Jonathan Downin in Tech2464 days ago

The talk of day 3 is all about the Palm Pre.  If you haven’t seen it, you should go check it out at Engadget right now. It would be crazy if the only phone to have anything that really challenges the iPhone comes from Palm.  I love my iPhone, but I am all for competition in the market.  At the very least, Palm had proved that they are worthy our attention with the unveil of the Pre. Day Three: Pre and P, but mostly just Pre. That’s all you really need to know. But in case you’re hungering for more, here’s the most enthusiastic...

Engadget Podcast 125 – 01.08.2009: CES Day 2

by Jonathan Downin in Tech2464 days ago

CES Day 2 is covered by Engadget on this one and we get some in-depth discussion on the nitty-gritty of the announcements. Unfortunately there was no Zune phone from Microsoft.  That could have been really huge and as time passes it will only get harder and harder for Microsoft to chip into the iPhone’s market. Behold! The glory of Engadget’s CES Coverage, Day 2: Watch phones, Android tablets, Vaio P’s, and press conferences by the fistful. Josh, Paul, and Nilay (who finally got his grubby mitts on a microphone) gather ’round...