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Jonathan’s Podcast Recommendation #1: Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave

by Jonathan Downin in Podcasts1687 days ago

As most of you are probably aware, we are no longer doing recaps. To kick-off our more freeform content I thought I would take the chance to talk about some of the podcasts that I enjoy that didn’t fall into our previous hard focus of game, tech and movie podcasts, or simply weren’t in our regular lineup. We will be doing some personal recommendations throughout this week and we will have something new next week. Variety is the plan around here for a while. Here’s my first reccomendation to check out if you haven’t before. Tell...

SModcast 93: Alive with Pleasure

by Jonathan Downin in Misc, Movies2234 days ago

After a streak of pre-recorded shows, this week’s Smod was recently recorded with duo back in LA.  It’s back to the classic formula with no Malcolm to make preposterous statements and judgments. Kevin starts this one out by detailing some upcoming events, then Mosier talks some more about his upcoming projects and spec script.  This quickly devolves into another role-playing sessions that recounts the unlikely series of events of Guy Ritchie’s producer going out to direct his own film.  On a more serious note, Mosier talks about...

SModcast 92: Flame On!

by Jonathan Downin in Misc, Movies2240 days ago

This is a surprisingly topic-filled Smodcast this week with the Kevin, Scott and Malcolm sticking to movie talk for most of the show.  Trailers kick this one off with Inglorious Basterds taking center stage.  Malcolm continues to be himself by letting loose some choice words about Eli Roth, but the group overall is interested in Tarantino’s latest. Kevin saw Funny People and he deems it his favorite Judd Apatow movie so far.  He addresses complaints about the last act and says that it really worked for him while championing Leslie Mann. ...

SModcast 91: M.I.P.

by Jonathan Downin in Misc, Movies2247 days ago

We are only 2 episodes into our Smodcast coverage and we are already second-guessing its addition.  This is dirty stuff people!  Smodcast may just single-handedly force us to introduce an “explicit” denotation. This one starts out with Kevin finding himself in a weird position, he is actually interested in a movie with Drew Barrymore’s name attached as director.  Needless to say, he has not traditionally been a fan, but that all goes out the window with the trailer of her directorial debut, Whip It. As tends to happen, this...

SModcast 90: Forgeticus!

by Jonathan Downin in Misc, Movies2253 days ago

If you have not listened to Smodcast before you are in for a treat.  Smodcast is put together by Clerks director Kevin Smith and his partner/producer in crime, Scott Mosier.  Don’t go into this one expecting a lot of inside industry talk, in fact, the only real movie talk you are going get is passing commentary on flicks they’ve seen and some snippets about their current projects. There is never a set structure to the show, instead it ends up being just 2 friends having a conversation, but that conversation is 100 times funnier than...