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Listen UP: 07/10/2009

by Jonathan Downin in Games2278 days ago

As you ca see from the covered games/topics list, this week’s episode is jam-packed.  Splosion Man was featured on this week’s 1UP game Night and it looks like a lot of fun.  It could just be one of the first games to recapture the fast 2D action of the classic Sonic the Hedgehog games. The new Tales of Monkey Island episode is getting a lot of good press.  It sounds like it captures the classic games’ sense of humor, but you can only buy all of the episodes in a package on Steam.  This seems to defeat the purpose of episodic...

Rebel FM Episode 24 07/09/09

by Jonathan Downin in Games2278 days ago

Up front Tyler shares a story about getting into Civilization 4 and looking up to find that the sun was up.  He makes a good point that the nature of PC gaming is that your face is generally right up against the screen causing you to lose track of the world around you. This really is the Jason Wilson episode.  If you are not familiar with him, he was the copy editor at 1UP before the lay-offs which took place in January.  He is talking about good writing practices and how to improve your writing.  Unless you are a master of your craft, there...

Listen UP: 07/03/2009

by Jonathan Downin in Games2284 days ago

Robert Ashley is on this week and even though he is a regular on a few podcasts at this point, he would be a strong permenant 4th chair addition to Listen UP. John shares a great story about a Sims 3 experience this week.  Although there is a strong stigma against the Sims franchize within the the gaming sphere, it really offers something that is unique and puts creativity into the player’s hands. The big topic this week is music in games.  The guys approach this topic from a lot of different angles and there are a lot of interesting points...

The Totally Rad Show | Episode 113 – Simulacrum

by Jonathan Downin in Games, Movies2330 days ago

The movies covered this week are The Brothers Bloom and Angels and Demons.  The former comes from the brilliant Rian Johnson whose last movie was the  critically heralded Brick and the guys loved it.  The latter is, well– that second Dan Brown book. Sacred 2 takes up the game talk this week and all 3 of the guys had a great time with it.  It looks like it has to offer as a multiplayer RPG if you can look past the mediocre graphics and serviceable storytelling.  Some time is also given to discussion of the recently announced Tony Hawk...

Three Red Lights Podcast, Episode 113

by Jonathan Downin in Games2343 days ago

Charles Onyett has landed.  Wolverine is unavoidable among the gaming crowd.  No good sentiments about it here as usual.  How is that a movie this big with such a large budget can still have such horrible CG? There is a new retail Gears of War 2 collection titled “All Fronts Collection” that will include all DLC up to this point and many other extras.  It will not include an actual disc, only a code to download the featured content.  At a presumed $20 it is a pretty amazing deal, but a little hard to swallow for those that got the...