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at1UP: 03/23/2010

by Jonathan Downin in Games, Misc, TV2023 days ago

At1UP, your partial look at the goings-on behind the scenes at 1UP, kicks-off this week with talk of a few new features on 1UP, including one about the top 25 badass boss battles. The focus then moves onto the classic LucasArts adventure game Gladius since Mike managed to get Travis to give it a playthrough. After a quick point to 1UP’s Red Steel 2 Game Night, the tale of the big sandwich commences. Apparently, in a PR move for the launch of the DS XL, Nintendo sent ridiculously oversized sandwiches to various outlets, and 1UP received a...


Giant Bombcast 03-02-2010

by Derek Lavigne in Games2044 days ago

This week’s Bombcast starts off with a late addition segment focusing on the recent Infinity Ward/Activision controversy. All of the guys have their unique perspectives but seem to agree that Activision holds all the legal rights and that IW may have tried to go rogue unsuccessfully. They also feel, barring litigation, that there will be a new studio very soon from the former IW heads. Ryan starts off the actual podcast by discussing his trip to Liverpool with Vinny to see Blur, which he says looks and feels much better than it did the last...

Engadget Podcast

Engadget Podcast 185 – 02.26.2010

by Jonathan Downin in Tech2048 days ago

The recent reveal of the Bloom Energy Server has caught many off-guard, but with good reason. It looks like it may be a real alternative to how the energy pipeline works today. Rather than try to explain how it works, head over to Engadget for the full rundown. It is definitely worth a look. The DSi XL fails to impress, but it does spur some conversation about a DS successor. Palm’s sales are not as high as expected and the guys share some thoughts on the state of company. It comes down to the handsets feeling sluggish at this point. The recent...

Game Scoop! Podcast, Episode 144

by Jonathan Downin in Games2131 days ago

Facebook games start off the cast and not surprisingly, they are discounted as “not games.”  A new Medal of Honor title is on the way from some of the original Call of Duty team and the crew is excited about a potential challenge to the reining leader in modern FPS war games. The Prince of Persia re-reboot gets a mention and Daemon is excited about a true sequel to Puzzle Quest. Pets are now available in the Xbox Live Marketplace, and it is baffling that Nintendo hasn’t tread this turf already. Who can say no to a virtual pet? New...

at1UP: 11/24/2009

by Jonathan Downin in Games, Movies2142 days ago

Ray Barnholt is in this week and he starts the cast off with a few impressions of his recently procured DSi XL. The whole group seems to feel like the screen size is nice and there is no word of the device being too big overall. Filling the 1UP Game Night slot this week is Tony Hawk Ride. The crew is obviously not too up on this latest entry in the series as they are cautiously optimistic about it, and Jade misses the price point by $30. They have set themselves up for disappointment here. Mike held a little get-together featuring New Super Mario...

gdgt weekly 063

by Jonathan Downin in Tech2150 days ago

The Palm Pixi is now available and the verdict is mixed. WebOS has not taken off in the way that Palm would have hoped, and the guys argue that the only real chance they have is if they expand to other carriers. The Blackberry Storm 2 also receives middling opinions, but the addition of more under-screen button contacts makes the clickscreen work marginally better. Samsung’s foray into the smartphone OS market with Bada also sparks a discussion. It was a big for media center device announcements. Boxee is getting into the dedicated hardware...

CastMedium Podcast

CastMedium Podcast 011 – 11.09.09

by Jonathan Downin in Games, Tech2158 days ago

This week’s CM Podcast starts out with some serious Idle Thumbs love. Some similar affection is shown to Jeff Green’s appearance on 4 Guys 1UP. Dragon Age is out, and although none of us have played it, we still have a few things to say about this epic RPG. Jon talked about Torchlight last week, and Erik is the latest to be sucked in. The release of Modern Warfare 2 is upon us and we hit try to hit on some of the big talking points related to the recent issues surrounding the game. In tech, we touch on the DSi XL after missing it last...

The Game Informer Show: Episode 6

by Derek Lavigne in Games2161 days ago

Matt Helgeson once again welcomes a cast of GI Editors for 3 targeting segments. The first segment is all Dragon Age: Origins and Matt seems to think it is directly up the alley of editors Joe Juba and Matt Miller. The pair completely agree and think the refinement of character interaction since Mass Effect makes the game a great experience. The second segment takes a look at the newly announced DSi XL. Phil Kollar lends his opinion that if Nintendo plans on making a bigger system, they should have put the GBA slot back in. Editors Meagan and Annette...

gdgt weekly 062

by Jonathan Downin in Tech2161 days ago

The recent news that Best Buy is looking to team-up with CinemaNow to deliver digital content is the first topic up this week. If  they can get the hardware partnerships in place, this could be a formidable entry into a burgeoning market. Apple has the same sort of idea and is rumored to be looking into creating an alternative to cable through iTunes. The guys feel like this is an up-hill battle for them with the wariness of content providers. Barnes and Noble’s Nook e-reader received a very warm reception upon its unavailing, but they are...

Giant Bombcast 11-03-2009

by Derek Lavigne in Games2163 days ago

With Vinny out on assignment, friend of the show Jared Rea sits in on the podcast to bring a wave of fighting and music games to the table. After a lengthy Tekken 6 discussion, Jeff talks about his evil impulse buy of DJ Hero: Renegade Edition and having to explain it even to the employees he purchased it from. Brad quickly discusses his loot addition swapping between Borderlands and Torchlight. Jared dives back into some more obscure fighting game tournaments as well as Forza 3, which Jeff has also been playing since some good Giant Bomb logos...

The HotSpot 11/03/2009

by Jonathan Downin in Games2164 days ago

Kevin starts this one out with the 1st of 4 games that get glowing impressions this week, Dragon Age Origins, which he scored a 9.5/10. He says that the narrative is great, and that if you give it 30 minutes, you will be hooked. Atypically, the Xbox 360 version loses out technically to the PS3 and PC versions. Justin says that The Ballad of Gay Tony is a great closer to GTAIV before Dead Space Extraction and Ratchet and Clank close out the love-fest. Things turn for the negative with Tekken 6 and the announcement of the DSi XL. As is the case with...

Engadget Podcast 169 – 10.31.2009

by Jonathan Downin in Tech2166 days ago

The DROID is taking over. Glancing at the time break-down of the show, you may think that the main DROID talk takes in the first 20 minutes, but it actually runs through the first 40 minutes. There is a lot to say (see the review) about the new handset, and the guys generally agree that this is a huge release, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the introduction of the iPhone. The handset, Android 2.0 and Google turn-by-turn GPS come together to form the Voltron of the smartphone world. RIM’s Storm2 is now available, but many may...

Game Scoop! Podcast, Episode 140

by Jonathan Downin in Games2167 days ago

DJ Hero is the first topic up this week– again. The group discusses the forthcoming DLC for the game and then Greg touches on Band Hero, which he is in the midst of reviewing. Hilary recently reviewed GTAIV: The Ballad of Gay Tony and gave it a 9.2. He deems this the better of the 2 episodes and obviously enjoyed it. Greg talks about the announcement of Netflix coming to PS3 and states that it will only require a Netflix software disc to be in the drive for a few months before it is integrated into the XMB. Modern Warfare 2 has been in the...