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Player One Podcast

Player One Podcast – Episode 175 (03/01/10) – Hobosick Ocean

by Ross Adams in Games2048 days ago

Phil can’t quite bring himself to keep playing BioShock 2 but he along with Greg Ford have been playing The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom. Both of them are finding the style of the game very charming and really like the time manipulation mechanics. Phil also picked up an iPhone game you probably won’t hear about on any other podcast, Transformers G1 Awakening. It’s similar to advance wars and he is quite impressed with it, Greg Sewart is convinced enough to buy and download it on the show. Greg Ford had a craving for some 16...


CO-OP — Episode 315: Reflections 2009 Part 2

by Derek Lavigne in Games2082 days ago

This week picks up right where last week left off, with more discussion on favorite games of 2009. For those who didn’t tune in last week, the CO-OP guys have assembled a group of some of their more regular guests for this discussion. Downloadable titles are first focus of conversation, with David Ellis mentioning that Flower had what he felt were the best Sixaxis controls of any PS3 game. A quick stop on the quirky Noby Noby Boy leads to Dan Hsu talking about his love/hate relationship with one of my favorite games of last year, ‘Splosion...

Rebel FM Episode 35 – 10/08/09

by Jonathan Downin in Games2190 days ago

Nintendo held a New Super Mario Bros.Wii event earlier this week, so the gaming collective are all talking about the game. Many were not exactly excited about the game after it’s E3 revel earlier this year, but the impressions from this event have been highly positive. Anthony’s impressions are no different and he talks a bit about the games here and then goes on to share some more positive thoughts about Motorstorm. Uncharted 2 is glazed over with the guys just touching on multiplayer and the situation surrounding the reviews of the...

CO-OP – Episode 215: Making Camp

by Jonathan Downin in Games2201 days ago

The CO-OP crew has decided to go camping and has used that opportunity to talk about portable games. First up is Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny for PSP. It looks to be a great entry in the series and performs well on the PSP. It’s nothing new or groundbreaking, but it retains its deep character creator and offers almost all of the features from previous console versions. Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story continues to be undeniably enjoyable. The light-hearted and well-written game seems to be almost impervious to any real criticism...

The Totally Rad Show – Episode 132: WYSIWYG Ninja

by Jonathan Downin in Games, Movies2201 days ago

The show is still looking great after its “relaunch” last week. Surrogates is up first this week and the results are mixed. The scale starts with Alex who enjoyed it and ends with Dan who almost hated it. You can flip that scale with A Serious Man which finds Jeff enjoying it and Alex pretty much hating it due to its overly dark and serious tone. In between the movie and game segments the guys give a tour of the Magic Castle in L.A. It is an exclusive club for mainly magicians and aspiring magicians to train and perform, but they also...

Player One Podcast | Episode 153 – Pinball Wizards

by Jonathan Downin in Games2202 days ago

Halo ODST starts this one off with the guys questioning why people have a problem with the length when a game like Guitaroo Man was full priced and was even shorter. Value has been a big issue surrounding ODST and the increasingly prevailing opinion seems to be that it is worth its $60 price tag. A demo for Brutal Legend is out and the combat and writing get some love here while the new XBLA brawler, The Warriors, gets a big thumbs down from Phil. He is enjoying Katamari Forever though and it sounds like if you are not tired of the Katamari gameplay,...

Listen UP: 09/18/2009

by Jonathan Downin in Games2211 days ago

Need for Speed: Shift is the first game up and impressions continue to be middling.  With Halo 3: ODST‘s release mere days away it gets a lot of discussion.  Jeremy is excited about the departure in mood and over-world structure of the game.  He does mention that this is probably not exactly what hardcore Halo fans are really looking for though. Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story continues to entertain with its light-hearted action and clever writing.  John has been playing Gran Turismo PSP and is unimpressed.  He cites the...

Player One Podcast | Episode 151 – Lucy in the Sky with Alien Nazi Batman Zombies

by Jonathan Downin in Games2216 days ago

Even though the guys have been trying to get The Beatles: Rock Band talk banned from the show due to CJ’s inability to stop talking about it, the game commands a large chunk of time at the beginning of this one.  This is going to be a hard package to follow-up for both Activision and Harmonix. It’s the calm before the storm of fall game releases and the POP guys are taking the chance to go back and play some older games.  MadWorld gets some discussion before the group moves on to Uncharted.  While somewhat flawed, the consensus is...

Listen UP: 06/02/2009

by Jonathan Downin in Games2319 days ago

We get a nice, long 1UP Yours today with the guys taking a look back at the media briefings and sharing their impressions.  Special guests Jeff Cannata and Mark MacDonald add a lot to the discussion going on here. One of the biggest discussions on this one is centered around motion controllers and who has the best potential implementation of the technology.  This is a topic that seems to be polarizing a lot of people and this is more than likely due to skepticism bout Project Natal. Covered topics and games: Mario, Vitality Sensor, Mario &...

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