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podcast beyond

Podcast Beyond: God of War

by Jon Cole in Games1809 days ago

The week’s explicit Podcast Beyond starts off with the Roper Report, as always. Since we’re in the thick of release season, news is dominated by announcements and leaks of upcoming downloadable titles on PSN. Sales numbers also hit the scene this week, with Medal of Honor cashing in on the hype with 1.5 million units sold and the PlayStation Move selling around 300,000 units. Pick of the Week is split between Vanquish and Fallout: New Vegas, with much of the debate rising from the bug-ridden initial release of Bethesda’s latest....

The HotSpot

The HotSpot 05/11/2010

by Jonathan Downin in Games1973 days ago

Alan Wake starts this week’s cast on a high note. Everyone is enjoying the game and the story gets some especially high praise. Lost Planet 2, on the other hand, takes some pretty hard blows from the group, including Kevin who says that it will be remembered in 10 years for having one of the worst levels of all time. The announcement of Little Big Planet 2 has Tom excited about all of the new user created levels that will inevitably appear. Wii Party gets a unanimous ”meh,” and the new God of War for PSP isn’t causing...

Joystiq Podcast

Joystiq Podcast 137 – An Unknown Terror edition

by Jonathan Downin in Games1976 days ago

Alan Wake is proving to be a big hit among the Joystiq guys. Chris says that is his favorite game of the year so far and that he thinks it is better than Mass Effect 2. On top of all of that, he also says that he hasn’t felt this way about a game since Portal– high praise indeed. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Justin was playing Nier for review, but quit due to the “offensive” game design– don’t miss his video about the game. Metro 2033 gets some kind words from Ludwig and Justin touches on last week’s...