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Player One Podcast – Episode 214 (11/29/10) – Kong of Duty

by Ross Adams in Games1731 days ago

No Greg Sewart again this week, he’s bed-ridden with pneumonia! After the guys have finished wishing Greg a speedy recovery (get well soon Greg!) it’s onto listener tweets. Questions asked/answered include food eaten over thanksgiving, what Black Friday deals the crew got and what they’d changed about video game history. There’s not alot of game talk this week but it kicks off with Cave Story (and a quick plug for CastMedium) which has been released for DSiWare this week. Phil doesn’t really say anything about the game...

Drunken Gamers Radio

Drunken Gamers Radio 04.03.2010

by Derek Lavigne in Games1967 days ago

This week’s DGR is back to normal as the guys recover from the Midwest Gaming Classic at home in the studio. Drunk Dials and emails open the show as usual, including the usual hilarious call-in from Fluffynuts. With Shmup Month behind us, review also return to normal, with XBL Game Room up first. All three guys seem to agree that although it kind of sucks now, there is promise for the future. Cho Aniki Zero is up next and well, I think this is a game everyone just had to experience for themselves if you’ve never heard of it. Third is...

The HotSpot

The HotSpot 03/30/2010

by Jonathan Downin in Games1976 days ago

Tom starts the game talk this week with his impressions of Resonance of Fate and Cave Story. Never one to shy away from controversy, he calls Resonance of Fate “as good as Final Fantasy XIII.” The Nintendo 3DS was announced just after the recording of last week’s show, so the guys get into it here and the group is skeptical. Games moving into the 3D display space continues to inspire ambivalence. Microsoft has announced that they will be holding a special Project Natal event on June 13th, the night before their big E3 Media Briefing....

Player One Podcast

Player One Podcast – Episode 179 (03/29/10) – King of Thunder

by Ross Adams in Games1977 days ago

Despite the smaller cast it’s a slightly longer show than usual this week. The guys kick things off by hitting the big news stories of the week. While not many would consider it big news fans of Player One will know CJ loves Hydro Thunder. So the announcement of an XBLA version of Hydro Thunder has him very excited, even if it doesn’t have many people from the previous games working on it. Game Room finally came out this week, Phil and CJ aren’t impressed as they had nothing but problems with it. Freezing and bugs galore really...


The Game Informer Show: Episode 18

by Derek Lavigne in Games2008 days ago

It seems this week for the first part, the GI guys may not be recording in their normal spot and/or with their normal equipment as the audio a bit echoey. In the first segment, Heavy Rain is the topic of discussion and there is a lot of praise all around for it. They make the point that although it may play like it at times, game director David  has urged that this is not an adventure game.  Another interesting point that is made is about how well the decisions you make work in seamlessly with the story. The second segment focuses on the recent...