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The Game Informer Show: Episode 27

by Jon Cole in Games1964 days ago

The show opens up with the biggest game this week, Red Dead Redemption.  Reviewer Matt Bertz starts things off by explaining the score he gave, 9.75, by saying that he had just enough minor reservations to keep it away from that perfect 10.  Everyone agrees that while it borrows many of the core mechanics from Rockstar’s other huge franchise, Grand Theft Auto, Redemption places those elements into a unique world that is a little more tethered to reality.  They also praise the story of the game, which remains surprisingly strong despite...


The Game Informer Show: Episode 23

by Derek Lavigne in Games2009 days ago

Matt Helgeson is back in the hosting spot this week and sits down with Andy Reiner and Nick Ahrens in the first segment to discuss the hot topic of the week in the geek world, the iPad. Both Nick and Andy picked one up right away and it seems that so far, they have both been using it primarily for reading and watching tv/movies. They move on to talk about games on the iPad since it is a gaming podcast after all and mention the main downfall being limited controls. They do however say that there are some great games, especially those built specifically...


The Game Informer Show: Episode 22

by Derek Lavigne in Games2016 days ago

This week, Phil Kollar steps in to host and the first segment spotlights the two new maps packs that have recently been released for Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. After joking that MW2 players seem like they are on crack after the slower-paced BC2 games, Matt Bertz and Nick Ahrens discuss the ups and downs of each of the packs and how the games compare to each other. They also talk about what they would like to see from future map packs for each game and which maps they may like to see re-released in those packs. The second segment...


The Game Informer Show: Episode 18

by Derek Lavigne in Games2051 days ago

It seems this week for the first part, the GI guys may not be recording in their normal spot and/or with their normal equipment as the audio a bit echoey. In the first segment, Heavy Rain is the topic of discussion and there is a lot of praise all around for it. They make the point that although it may play like it at times, game director David  has urged that this is not an adventure game.  Another interesting point that is made is about how well the decisions you make work in seamlessly with the story. The second segment focuses on the recent...


The Game Informer Show: Episode 13

by Derek Lavigne in Podcasts2093 days ago

It looks as if the show has permanently been trimmed down as we again have only two segments this week. The first half focuses on predictions for 2010, starting with discussion on the forthcoming motion controls from both Microsoft and Sony before moving on to the eternal speculation of a Wii HD. The conversation then turns to the future of DLC, which the guys all agree might be moving to smaller items rather than full on expansions. Secret software projects, user generated content, and bringing back old franchises fill out the rest of the discussion...

Gane Informer_DS2

The Game Informer Show: Dead Space 2 Special

by Derek Lavigne in Games2114 days ago

This week, Nick Ahrens, Ben Reeves, and Joe Juba take a special look at Dead Space 2 which was featured on the most recent cover of the Game Informer Magazine. They state up front that the majority of the show will be answering user questions about the game. It really looks like these guys are trying to get all they can out of any exclusive information they may have gotten. To start off the show, the trio discuss the new types of enemies they saw during their visit with the game and confirm that there will be a greater variety of enemies than were...

Game Informer 11

The Game Informer Show: Episode 11

by Derek Lavigne in Games2121 days ago

Being that it is the holiday season, the GI staff decide to give back in their first segment. Matt Helgeson, Phil Kollar, Jeff Cork, and Nick Ahrens answer various questions from the community which leads to some quite shocking answers. Phil Kollar, in response to a question about which company will jump on the next generation first, says that he feels the next home console we see very well may come from Apple. The guys also give some very honest answers about what they thing the biggest problem in gaming is at this moment. In the...