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MacBreak Weekly

MacBreak Weekly 191: Lost

by Jonathan Downin in Tech1995 days ago

There is one huge story this week, and you can be sure that Leo and gang are going to give it due time. The leaked iPhone/Gizmodo debacle can be approached from many different angles. The guys start with impressions of the new handset itself and then move onto the way in which Gizmodo has handled the story. Merlin has a lot of strong feelings on the matter and is very eloquent here while tearing into Gawker Media, parent company of Gizmodo. While a good chunk of the show is taken up by the iPhone leak story, the guys do find time to hit some of...

MacBreak Weekly

MacBreak Weekly 184: It’s A Little Meaty

by Jonathan Downin in Tech2037 days ago

It’s back to the regular format after two weeks of non-tradition episodes. The news of Steam coming to Mac starts the news topics this week, but this is obviously not the group’s forte. They are somewhat aloof about what Steam really is and make a few mistakes on the details, but at least they realize the magnitude of the announcement. Steve Jobs’s appearance at the Oscars gets some discussion and then the group moves on to talk about the most recent MacHeist Bundle promotion. Issues surrounding how MacHeist can be detrimental to...

MacBreak Weekly

MacBreak Weekly 182: There’s An App For That

by Jonathan Downin in Tech2050 days ago

It’s a special all software picks episode this week. Apparently Merlin has been wanting to do an episode like this for a long time and with little Apple news in the past week, Leo thought that this was a good time to do it. Merlin has long been a spokesperson on productivity, so he has a lot of great suggestions. Since this episode is very specific to personal productivity and the Mac, it is an easy one to skip if you usually tune in for topical and curent news commentary. There is a full list of recommended apps at the wiki for this week’s...

MacBreak Weekly

MacBreak Weekly 181: Dread Pirate Robert

by Jonathan Downin in Tech2058 days ago

The crew is back from MacWorld and the opinions are mixed on this year’s Apple-less show. Leo felt like the show was a shadow of its former self while Andy and Merlin actually enjoyed the smaller and more intimate venue. Andy shares that is MacWorld is not around next year, he will hold his own conference. Mac and iPod sales are up over last year. The Mac sales aren’t too surprising, but the iPod sales are, especially with the strong launch of the Zune HD and increased functionality of the iPhone. There has been a lot of discussion...

The HotSpot

The HotSpot 02/16/2010

by Jonathan Downin in Games2058 days ago

Aliens Vs. Predator is out and it sounds like it is very faithful to Rebellion’s earlier Aliens vs. Predator games, but this is not necessarily a good thing. Perfect Dark for XBLA was announced at x10 and it garners some excitement here. Fable III is passed over rather quickly with Halo Reach, Alan Wake and Dead Rising 2 getting bigger chunks of time for discussion. NPDs and recent comments from Activision and Ubisoft have the guys pondering the state of the industry. Activision is closing and paring down some of their studios resulting...

MacBreak Weekly

MacBreak Weekly 179: QUID PRO AIR

by Jonathan Downin in Tech2065 days ago

Leo tries to start the podcast with talk of the release of Aperture 3, but the conversation is instantly derailed. For long time listeners, the return of Merlin Mann is great and his presence on recent shows adds a lot to the conversation, even if he is the “rat hole” master. There is a big discussion in the middle of the cast about ethics in journalism sparked by the recent issue over at TechCrunch. The opinions vary a bit and the situation of each is host is a bit different, but there are some priceless lessons here. Leo is a great...

MacBreak Weekly

MacBreak Weekly 178: Flash Is Cilantro

by Jonathan Downin in Tech2072 days ago

iPad discussion is still the focus this week and the impressions have not really changed. Everyone here is a lot more positive on it than almost any other big tech news outlet, but this isn’t too surprising. Andy makes a good case for the iPad not needing true multitasking and argues that it is so fast that it already has a lot of the benefits of multitasking. Even with the “blazing” speed of the iPad, this seems like a bit of a stretch. The battle between Apple and Google continues with the Nexus One finally getting true multitouch....

MacBreak Weekly

MacBreak Weekly 177: iPad

by Jonathan Downin in Tech2077 days ago

This is it people, the iPad has been announced and Leo and co. were on site to cover the complete reveal. This episode picks up with Leo and full cast of pundits immediately after they left the announcement hall. They cover everything here, from the specs of the new ‘category defining’ device to their hands’on impressions of the final product. While the iPad certainly receives a lot of praise here, you can’t help but feel that many were expecting a little more. There was no announcement of a new way to access media, whether...