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The Game Informer Show: Episode 26

by Jon Cole in Games1974 days ago

The Game Informer Show returns to its usual format this week, starting things off with Lost Planet 2 talk.  Opinions on this latest Capcom title have been quite mixed and Game Informer seems to come out on the positive side of things, rewarding the game with an 8.5/10.  Bryan and Andy agree that the game is solid in co-operative mode, often presenting arenas with various objectives that necessitate squad tactics and a bit of strategy.  However, the high score seems somewhat incongruous with their impressions of the single player mode, which they...


The Game Informer Show: Episode 24

by Derek Lavigne in Games2002 days ago

This week’s Game Informer show starts off with a discussion on the only big title release this week, Splinter Cell: Conviction. Andy Reiner has a lot to say about this game, but starts off with one of his few negative thoughts about the world turning black and white when you are hidden. Andy and Ben Reeves seem to agree with the sentiment going around that this game is much more approachable than previous games. They do disagree,however, about the removal of the Spies vs. Mercs mode from the game. The second segment features Dan Ryckert talking...


The Game Informer Show: Episode 23

by Derek Lavigne in Games2010 days ago

Matt Helgeson is back in the hosting spot this week and sits down with Andy Reiner and Nick Ahrens in the first segment to discuss the hot topic of the week in the geek world, the iPad. Both Nick and Andy picked one up right away and it seems that so far, they have both been using it primarily for reading and watching tv/movies. They move on to talk about games on the iPad since it is a gaming podcast after all and mention the main downfall being limited controls. They do however say that there are some great games, especially those built specifically...


The Game Informer Show Episode 21

by Jon Cole in Games2023 days ago

The Game Informer Show is back to a healthy three segments this week, starting off with a discussion of Just Cause 2.  Comparisons to the first game in the series are natural, but everyone agrees that this iteration is far more polished and detailed despite the greatly increased scope.  Furthermore, Phil equates a lot of the sensibilities of the game to those of an outrageous action movie, like some of the kitschy but charming Brosnan Bond films.  All over the board, opinions are quite positive on the game and it seems like it may be a sneak...

The Game Informer Show

The Game Informer Show Episode 15

by Jonathan Downin in Games2073 days ago

After 2 special, game specific episodes last week, we get another regular show. MAG is the first game up this week and the impressions are middling. Like everyone else, the GI crew feels like the 256 player games don’t quite successfully utilize the scope of the player count. It boils down to working as a team in small combat areas to achieve high kill to death ratios, but getting squads to work together sounds like it is difficult. No More Heroes 2 is the 2nd game this week, and it sounds like if you are into Suda 51′s sensibilities,...


The Game Informer Show: Episode 13

by Derek Lavigne in Podcasts2094 days ago

It looks as if the show has permanently been trimmed down as we again have only two segments this week. The first half focuses on predictions for 2010, starting with discussion on the forthcoming motion controls from both Microsoft and Sony before moving on to the eternal speculation of a Wii HD. The conversation then turns to the future of DLC, which the guys all agree might be moving to smaller items rather than full on expansions. Secret software projects, user generated content, and bringing back old franchises fill out the rest of the discussion...

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