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The Game Informer Show: Episode 27

by Jon Cole in Games1968 days ago

The show opens up with the biggest game this week, Red Dead Redemption.  Reviewer Matt Bertz starts things off by explaining the score he gave, 9.75, by saying that he had just enough minor reservations to keep it away from that perfect 10.  Everyone agrees that while it borrows many of the core mechanics from Rockstar’s other huge franchise, Grand Theft Auto, Redemption places those elements into a unique world that is a little more tethered to reality.  They also praise the story of the game, which remains surprisingly strong despite...


The Game Informer Show: Episode 25

by Jon Cole in Games1999 days ago

With Phil Kollar at the reigns this week, Jeff Cork comes into the studio to talk a little bit about the development process of the upcoming Toy Story 3 game and why you should care about it.  Avalanche Software takes the idea of a movie-tie in game into a completely different direction than most games of that subgenre, namely creating an open-world, sandbox-style game type that Jeff describes as somewhat similar to Rare’s recent offerings like Viva Pinata. Matt Bertz joins Phil in the second segment to talk about FEAR 3, starting off with...


The Game Informer Show: Episode 23

by Derek Lavigne in Games2013 days ago

Matt Helgeson is back in the hosting spot this week and sits down with Andy Reiner and Nick Ahrens in the first segment to discuss the hot topic of the week in the geek world, the iPad. Both Nick and Andy picked one up right away and it seems that so far, they have both been using it primarily for reading and watching tv/movies. They move on to talk about games on the iPad since it is a gaming podcast after all and mention the main downfall being limited controls. They do however say that there are some great games, especially those built specifically...


The Game Informer Show: Episode 22

by Derek Lavigne in Games2020 days ago

This week, Phil Kollar steps in to host and the first segment spotlights the two new maps packs that have recently been released for Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. After joking that MW2 players seem like they are on crack after the slower-paced BC2 games, Matt Bertz and Nick Ahrens discuss the ups and downs of each of the packs and how the games compare to each other. They also talk about what they would like to see from future map packs for each game and which maps they may like to see re-released in those packs. The second segment...


The Game Informer Show Episode 21

by Jon Cole in Games2026 days ago

The Game Informer Show is back to a healthy three segments this week, starting off with a discussion of Just Cause 2.  Comparisons to the first game in the series are natural, but everyone agrees that this iteration is far more polished and detailed despite the greatly increased scope.  Furthermore, Phil equates a lot of the sensibilities of the game to those of an outrageous action movie, like some of the kitschy but charming Brosnan Bond films.  All over the board, opinions are quite positive on the game and it seems like it may be a sneak...


The Game Informer Show: Episode 20

by Derek Lavigne in Games2033 days ago

A shorter show this week with only two segments, but a lot is covered and even Andy Reiner bringing his phone to keep him busy doesn’t detract from the excitement this week. God of War 3 is the subject of the first segment and well, apparently that game is good. Although they do mention the sense of scale the game gives you like many reviews focused on, they also take the time to discuss what distinguishes this experience from the previous two. One interesting point that is brought up is the fact that this game finally gives players a reason...


The Game Informer Show: Episode 18

by Derek Lavigne in Games2055 days ago

It seems this week for the first part, the GI guys may not be recording in their normal spot and/or with their normal equipment as the audio a bit echoey. In the first segment, Heavy Rain is the topic of discussion and there is a lot of praise all around for it. They make the point that although it may play like it at times, game director David  has urged that this is not an adventure game.  Another interesting point that is made is about how well the decisions you make work in seamlessly with the story. The second segment focuses on the recent...

The Game Informer Show

The Game Informer Show Episode 14

by Jonathan Downin in Games2090 days ago

After word from Phil in the comments for last week’s episode, the show is back to 3 segments, and Phil is finally hosting for the 1st time. Army of Two: The 40th Day is the focus of the 1st segment and Matt Bertz is talking about his review with Jeff Marchiafava, who joined him for some bro-ed-out co-op. If you are looking for a different/more positive take on the game, don’t look here. Tim Turi and Ben Reeves spend the next segment talking about Dark Void. Again, prepare to be underwhelmed here since the game hasn’t shaped up...

Game Informer 11

The Game Informer Show: Episode 11

by Derek Lavigne in Games2125 days ago

Being that it is the holiday season, the GI staff decide to give back in their first segment. Matt Helgeson, Phil Kollar, Jeff Cork, and Nick Ahrens answer various questions from the community which leads to some quite shocking answers. Phil Kollar, in response to a question about which company will jump on the next generation first, says that he feels the next home console we see very well may come from Apple. The guys also give some very honest answers about what they thing the biggest problem in gaming is at this moment. In the...

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