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Game Scoop!

Game Scoop!: Two Worlds 2, Bionic Commando 2 Reviewed

by Jon Cole in Games1705 days ago

Arthur Gies and greenhorn editor Colin Moriarty join the show this week, kicking off things with Arthur’s impressions of Two Worlds 2. The game’s most notable quality is the magic customization system, but the game as a whole doesn’t impress and will likely not appeal to anyone outside the normal fantasy RPG fanbase. Daemon reviewed Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, which was perfectly fine but didn’t really improve on the formula of the first game at all. Nintendo unveiled some sales numbers from 2010 and it’s no big surprise...


Game Scoop!: The Next-Generation Podcast

by Jon Cole in Games1712 days ago

NGP talk opens up this week’s Game Scoop! and there’s clearly a lot of confusion about the bland codename. Dubbing it PSP2 for the sake of simplicity, the guys discuss the potential launch price and how it’ll likely come in second place to the 3DS due to Nintendo’s business sense and the PSP’s poor history. On the bright side, the hardware (dual analog sticks, new flash-based storage for games, 3G radio, back dual touchpads) seems quite impressive though dependent on strong execution to best take advantage of them. High...


Game Scoop! Podcast: Dead Space 2 Review

by Jon Cole in Games1719 days ago

This week, the Scoop! crew finally gets a chance to talk about Dead Space 2 after weeks of fist shaking at EA’s embargo. Navigation is one of the most immediate changes to the Dead Space formula, as the cumbersome map of the first game is discarded for a glowing path on demand to the closest point of interest. Additionally, the melee and stomp attacks are far more effective, spicing up the gameplay and making it easier to verify that a necromorph is finally finished off. Nintendo’s 3DS event was the other big piece of news this week,...

Game Scoop!

Game Scoop! Podcast: Is DC Universe Good or Evil?

by Jon Cole in Games1727 days ago

As a devoted Game Scooper, Greg takes a break from his day off to join this week’s show and talk about his time with DC Universe Online. He’s pushed nearly all the way to the level cap of 30 and has been satisfied all the way through, though he does note that much of the office lies more on the negative side of things. Ryan in particular talks about the rough start to the game, not offering a lot of narrative hooks into the exciting core superhero universe as well as poor user interface. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has excited almost...

Game Scoop!

Game Scoop! Podcast: Free Copies of Dragon Age 2

by Jon Cole in Games1735 days ago

CES is big news in the tech industry, but it seems that the conference still doesn’t offer anything particularly interesting to the gaming-focused crowd. Sony largely danced around any rumors of the PSP Phone or PSP2 while Microsoft flaunted 8 million Kinect units shipped, much to Daemon’s chagrin. Avatar Kinect was also announced, which appears to be little more than a 360-branded version of PlayStation Home. Daemon played ilomilo and has fairly positive opinions on the game, but Kristine’s review of Microbot steals the most spotlight....


Podcast Beyond: Arsenic Bacteria’s Favorite Show

by Jon Cole in Games1769 days ago

Greg Miller joins Podcast Beyond after a week away from the reins, bringing in Game Scoop! co-host Daemon Hatfield for much hilarity. The Playstation Move has shipped about 4 million units and Daemon goes a bit crazy over the fact that Sony has only released “shipped” numbers rather than the amount of product actually sold to consumers. Colin talks a little bit about the delay of Explodemon and how he finds it odd that people accuse it of being derivative of Explosion Man despite the fact that it entered development first. In the Official...


Game Scoop! Podcast: The Kinexperts Speak

by Peter Barta in Games1796 days ago

This week’s Game Scoop features Daemon, Jack, Ryan, and Greg – the self-proclaimed Kinexperts.  Appropriately enough, the beginning of the show is dominated by Kinect titles as the guys have reviewed most/all of the currently available games.  The basics of Kinect are pretty consistent from reviewer to reviewer – amazing technology, but the logistics of space requirements will make it difficult for a lot of people.  Couple that with the mediocre response to many of the launch titles, and Microsoft may have an uphill battle here....


Game Scoop! Podcast: The Fallout from Fallout

by Peter Barta in Games1810 days ago

It fast-paced action this week as the Game Scoop crew races through game after game.  Kristine kicks things off with solid reviews for Fallout: New Vegas and Costume Quest.  Fallout is buggier than it should be, but she still rated the game highly, especially for its pc delivery.  Costume Quest, despite its repetition and short length, is adorable and enjoyable.  The Wii appears to be focused less on motion control while Microsoft and Sony try to catch up in that department.  NBA Jam will essentially be released unfinished, and you can expect...


Game Scoop!: IGN’s Epic Yarn

by Peter Barta in Games1817 days ago

This week’s Game Scoop! starts with “one of the year’s biggest disappointments” – Medal of Honor.  Arthur’s review ponders how a game that took so long to release ended up lacking so much polish.  From different engines driving the single player and multi-player, to the inconsistent and buggy delivery, he stands tall against the fan-boys (especially compared to Bad Company 2). Dead Space: Ignition leaves Greg wanting, but the guys have a good laugh over it and it doesn’t appear to detract from their excitement...


Game Scoop! Podcast: Gears Multiplayer Fixed?

by Peter Barta in Games1824 days ago

This week’s Game Scoop is pretty light – the guys cruise through a lot of games and topics and don’t spend too much time on any one thing.  The biggest news of the week is Gear of War 3 and its improved multiplayer experience.  Ryan has had some hands-on experience with the new dedicated servers and is clearly impressed with what he’s seen. The staff seems to have a slew of reviews ready to post at IGN, including Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light and Def Jam Rapstar.  Ubisoft recently stated their belief that dance...


Game Scoop! Podcast Reminds You: 7.5 Is a Good Score

by Jon Cole in Games1831 days ago

Beyond Good & Evil HD opens up the podcast this week, though nobody seems to have really gotten through the whole thing in its original release. In the realm of games recently released, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow was recently reviewed by Daemon. He notes that the game seems to be an amalgamation of several different third-person action games like God of War and Dante’s Inferno with a Castlevania flavor, though he ultimately felt that these influences were in its favor (giving the game a solid 7.5). The Nintendo 3DS was finally priced...

Game Scoop!

Game Scoop! Podcast: Talking About Writing About Games

by Peter Barta in Games1856 days ago

This week’s cast begins with the introduction of Jack DeVries as an official staff IGN editor.  Daemon and Ryan give the appropriate verbal jabs and compliments before jumping into the content.  The first topic of discussion is a mixed review of the new XBox 360 controller, with some praise for the new d-pad, but equal confusion regarding the grey buttons and high price-point. The omniscient debate continues as the guys cover the XBox Live price hike – though somewhat divided, their opinions are pretty tame compared to the community’s...


Game Scoop! Podcast: The Best 58 Minutes of Your Life

by Peter Barta in Games1868 days ago

The cast starts out with some stories from Germany as Daemon shares his experiences at and around Gamescom.  Though extra-curricular activities occupy a good deal of the conversation, they bring it back around to what was great about the con itself.  BioShock Infinite appears to have been the real gem, with a demo that seemed too good to be true. After briefly discussing live action trailers for video games, Mafia II gets a look.  The group sees this game pretty clearly as good, but not amazing (less enthusiastic than some other sites and reviewers). The...

Game Scoop!

Game Scoop! Podcast: BioShocker

by Jon Cole in Games1882 days ago

Game Scoop! kicks off with a bit of excitement about Bioshock Infinite, quickly proceeding into the monthly NPD numbers. The most notable news is the reemergence of the Xbox 360 as best-selling console, beating out both the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS for the first time in about three years. On the software side, NCAA Football took the top two spots with Crackdown 2 following them up. Arc Rise Fantasia also managed to squeeze in, giving Anthony a chance to talk about his score (6.5), praise the battle system, and promote it as a serious JRPG on...

Game Scoop!

Game Scoop! Podcast: Fave Games of the Year (So Far)

by Jon Cole in Games1888 days ago

This week’s Scoop! starts off with a brief breakdown of the IGN office’s favorite games of the year so far. While everyone on the podcast voted for different games, the rest of the IGN staff is clearly in favor of Mass Effect 2. Charles voted for Starcraft 2 and shares his experience with it, highlighting the well balanced gameplay, traditional systems, and level of polish. Being the resident comic book fan, Greg talks a little about the announcement of Batman: Arkham City. The Game Informer cover raises the question of whether or not the game...

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