Joystiq Podcast 108 – Red Link edition

Justin starts off the cast this week with a few impressions of joystiqpodcastChampions Online.  The guys also have some nice things to say about Section 8 and Chris points out the unique spawning system that has you dropping from space.  They do point out the almost assured sad fact that if you want to play this, you had better pick it up right upon release because Halo ODST and Modern Warfare 2 are going to steal all the players away from this game when they are released.

The Beatles: Rock Band gets its requisite time, as does Batman before the recent controversy of Kurt Cobain in Guitar Hero 5 comes up.  Cobain’s widow, Courtney Love, is not happy about the situation and the remaining members of Nirvana have expressed their disappointment as well.

After a brief mention of an HD 2D Sonic game on the way from Sega, the discussion moves onto the recent Dante’s Inferno marketing antics and the group rips into the game.  While their opinions are understandable, it feels like they are not giving the game a fair shake and are letting the marketing campaign have a heavy influence on their opinions.

Covered topics and games: Champions Online, Section 8, The Beatles: Rock Band, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Batman, Red Faction, Courtney Love, HD Sonic 2D, Dante’s Inferno marketing, voicemails, emails

With the team reunited after a two-week break, we’ve plenty to talk about from a visit from not-Courtney Love to a truly magical Tip of the Week filled with love and loss.

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