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CastMedium Podcast Awards 2010: Jonathan’s picks

tellemstevedave3)  Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave I have been a long-time listener of director Kevin’s Smith’s podcast, Smodcast. Although the tone has changed a bit in the last year, it is a classic in my books. When it was announced that Kevin’s long-time friends Brian Johnson and Walter Planegan would starting their own podcast, I was skeptical at best. Boy was a wrong. Brian and Walt, along with Brian Quinn, deliver a show that feels more honest than almost anything else out there. There is no theme to this podcas


CastMedium Podcast Awards 2010: Erik’s picks

irrationalinterviews3)  Irrational Interviews I’ve said before that one of my favorite experiences is listening to smart people talk about smart things; and I realized this year that many of favorite shows provide this almost every week.  The Gianbomb, IGN, and other crews are all hilarious and entertaining; but really, they’re generally smart guys and girls who are talking on subjects they are passionate about


CastMedium Podcast Awards 2010: Ross’s picks

playerone3)  The Sound Test A combination of two of my favourite things, Ray Barnholt and video game music. Every two weeks Ray would lovingly craft a playlist of game music that was always a dream to listen to. Often incredibly eclectic each weeks musical selection could contain anything from the newest triple A title to an obscure game never released outside of Japan. Sadly when Ray was let go of 1UP The Sound Test went with him, we can only hope that when he finds his feet the show can return in some form


CastMedium Podcast Awards 2010: Alex’s picks

idlethumbs3) Short podcasts This is a bit of a cheat, but since I bought a fancy phone that automatically trawls RSS feeds for new podcasts, I’ve found myself breaking up marathons like the Bombcast with quick, minutes-long shows. CBC Radio 3: New Music Canada Track of the Day. Simply a short preamble from CBC’s Lana Gay, or a guest host, and one track of independent music from Canada. web | iTunes | rss The Onion Radio News is the quickest here. At a minute long, it’s the most compact way to enjoy the Onion


Mobcast 88: Cheering at press events, lesser-known 1 titles, video-game word association, and more

MobcastmobGamePro’s AJ Glasser returns to the Mobcast, along with regulars Shoe, Brett, and Aaron. First off, Brett asks which unsung games of 2011 the crew are looking forward to. They talk about downloadable games such as Stacking, Ilomilo, and Raskulls; The Sims: Medeval; PilotWings for the 3DS; Child of Eden, which could make interesting use of motion-control and music; the design tools in Little Big Planet 2; and obscure Japanese role-playing game Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll. Shoe


CastMedium Podcast Awards 2010: Jon’s picks

radiolabRadiolab This American Life has been my go-to podcast to evangelize newcomers to my medium of choice for the longest time. Radiolab has come around this year and usurped that throne without breaking a sweat. Each episode tackles a broad topic in a mostly scientific way, exploring the sensation of falling, the passage of time, the placebo effect, or any number of seemingly mundane things. Host Jad Abumrad and his crew assemble interviews with experts in a particular field or people with an interesting story into a cohesive story



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