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Engadget exodus ends with encouragement (updated)

by Jon Cole in NewsApril 4th, 2011 @ 8:13 am
Engadget Podcast

As an Engadget faithful and podcast junkie, news that Paul Miller, Joshua Topolsky, and Nilay Patel were leaving the site left me a bit distressed. In one fell sweep, the Engadget Podcast was no more. In a move to try to preserve some connection with the personalities at my favorite tech website, I began to listen to the Engadget Mobile Podcast hosted by frequent flagship guest Chris Ziegler.

Much to my surprise and continued dismay, Chris announced on his latest show that he was also leaving the site in favor of greener pastures. Luckily, these pastures were swiftly revealed in a blog post by big cheese Joshua Topolsky himself. Carrying a similar role as he did with Engadget after former EIC Ryan Block moved on, Josh will be spearheading a new technology website under the umbrella of an ambitious content company whose focus has been on sports journalism until just now – SB Nation. In his blog post, Josh makes it quite clear that SBN has a similar philosophy as he does; namely, trying to take advantage of new technologies and techniques to deliver the news while focusing on content rather than a slavery to the SEO machine.

What does this mean for podcast fans? In a recent blog post, Chris notes that the previously mentioned three ex-Engadget editors are joining the ranks at this new site in addition to former Engadget/Joystiq editor Ross Miller, Engadget editor Joanna Stern, and of course himself. The promise of this new website along with the previous podcasting efforts of all these writers means we’ll likely see something new and improved in the near future. So if you were in the same boat as us CastMedium editors in our love for the Engadget crew’s work, keep an eye out because the future looks very bright.

Update (2:00 PM EST): I’m not Nostradamus, but it appears that the Engadget crew is much faster than I thought. In a blog post at, Nilay has announced an interim podcast until a more formal one can rise up with the launch of the new site. They’ll be recording their first episode tonight at 6:30 PM EST live, so keep an eye out at that blog and the guys’ various Twitter feeds for more details.

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