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Required Listening: Bethesda Podcast Oblivion Special

by Jon Cole in GamesApril 2nd, 2011 @ 2:32 pm

Up until this point, The Bethesda Podcast has been fairly reigned in, with the longest episode featuring the conversational John Carmack. The latest episode changes this trend, bringing out all the stops for an Oblivion 5th Anniversary podcast. Similar to the format of some Irrational Podcasts, the first half of the show is dedicated to the most memorable moments of development as spoken from the mouths of the developers themselves. This gives a ton of insight into the thinking behind some of the most entertaining quests, including the origins of the Dark Brotherhood storyline and how the E3 demo helped shape the game.

The second half of the show is a more standard roundtable discussion featuring our usual host Nick Breckon, Bethesda VP Pete Hines, and executive producer (and more importantly Elder Scrolls creator) Todd Howard. While the creative process is definitely still in the spotlight in this half, the more technical aspects are brought under the microscope as well. Todd and Pete reminsce about the difficulties of developing both a console game and a game for a console that hadn’t yet shipped, which helps explain some of the rough edges around an otherwise astounding game.

All in all, this episode of The Bethesda Podcast really justifies its existence. If you have any fond memories of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, this is absolutely worth listening to. Furthermore, if you’re anything like me and played long enough to have the soundtrack permanently scorched into your memory, musical interludes invoke some long dormant nostalgia.

We mark the fifth anniversary of Oblivion’s release by talking with key members of the team, followed by a roundtable with Todd Howard and Pete Hines.

Runtime – 56:57

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