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Engadget Podcast 230 – 01.24.2011

by Jon Cole in Games, TechJanuary 26th, 2011 @ 10:35 am
Engadget Podcast

This week’s Engadget Podcast unsurprisingly starts with the news that Steve Jobs is sidelining himself for medical reasons, leaving Tim Cook in his place. In other Apple-related news, the company managed to push through an extremely successful quarter with huge profits probably stemming from unprecedented iPad adoption.

HP/Palm has finally made their move on the tablet arena, with their plans going public in another one of Engadget’s comprehensive exclusive scoops. The 9-inch “Topaz” and the 7-inch “Opal” look to compete with the iPad and e-Reader markets, respectively, and sport an updated version of Palm’s webOS. In terms of specific features, the Beats Audio and integrated cloud storage promise that the HP’s offerings will push forward the usability of tablets in a couple of unique ways.

The show wraps up with some games industry news, with the Nintendo 3DS press event and the anticipation of an impending PSP2 announcement.

00:04:15 - Steve Jobs takes medical leave from Apple, Tim Cook taking over daily operations in his absence
00:10:22 - Apple turns in record Q1: $6b profit on $26.7b revenue, 16.2m iPhones sold
00:23:20 - Apple’s invested in a ‘very strategic’ $3.9b component supply agreement, but what is it?
00:25:10 - Asahi Glass introduces Dragontrail for consumer electronics, puts the Gorilla on notice (video)
00:25:48 - Larry Page taking over as Google CEO, Eric Schmidt will remain as Executive Chairman
00:35:30 - Google Voice now lets you port your own phone number, maybe (update)
00:44:53 - Exclusive: HP / Palm’s webOS tablets — pictures, plans, and more
00:45:42 - HP / Palm tablet to feature Touchstone dock, cloud storage, Beats audio and Tap-to-Share smartphone integration
00:49:30 - HP calls us out, implies it’s got even better scoops at February webOS event
00:53:20 - HP’s first webOS tablet may start shipping in March, fulfill longstanding promise
01:06:00 - Motorola Xoom launching February 17th at Best Buy (update: priced at $700)
01:06:22 - Motorola Xoom priced at $800 at a minimum, according to Verizon leak
01:14:52 - Nintendo 3DS coming to US March 27th for $249.99, Europe first on March 25th (video)
01:19:10 - Live from Nintendo’s 3DS preview with Reggie Fils-Aime
01:23:22 - Bloomberg: Sony PSP2 to debut next week, PlayStation Phone at MWC
01:23:47 - This fan-made PSP redesign is sexy
01:25:15 - PSP2 to be based on iPhone-esque PowerVR GPU, rival original Xbox in power?
01:27:52 - The Engadget Show returns next Sunday with Steve Wozniak!

Runtime – 1:29:30

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