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Giant Bombcast 11-30-2010

by Ross Adams in GamesNovember 30th, 2010 @ 10:42 pm
Giant Bombcast

As  you might expect from the Bombcast it’s game talk mixed with tales of Thanksgiving mixed with game talk on this weeks episode. Vinny kicks things off with Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood by explaining he might have been mistaken about his 23 hours played from last weeks show, due to a weird way the game tracks playtime. It certainly has him hooked, as he lists off several games he had planned to play but never got to thanks to Brotherhood.

He also never got round to joining Brad who was busy finishing Borderlands. He now recognises some of the criticisms Jeff had back when he reviewed the game. If he didn’t have the numerous DLC packs to play he would not have been pleased with the way the game ended. The guys discuss Gran Turismo 5 a little, they really don’t seem to get it. There are a bunch of design decisions that are just plain baffling, from the menu systems to the lack of detail on certain cars.

Jeff got knee-deep in Tron after playing Tron: Evolution, which caused him to buy the tie-in comic book and rewatch the original movie. He goes into alot of detail on many of the systems within the game, he appears to have played alot of it but whether he enjoyed it isn’t especially clear.

Lots more thanksgiving stories fill up the show and there’s the usual news, new releases and emails to wrap things up.

We return from the Thanksgiving break ready to discuss milk and Pepsi, Ezio’s posse, expert Foley work, Rosetta Stone-induced panic, Tron, Japanese smooth jazz, Brad’s introduction to drifting, speed stacking, and more!

Runtime – 2:19:49

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