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The Engadget Show – 015: Sprint’s Fared Adib, Google TV creator Salahuddin Choudhary, Galaxy Tab, Nook Color, and more!

by Jon Cole in TechNovember 29th, 2010 @ 3:47 pm

This month’s Engadget Show starts off with an interview with Sprint’s Fared Adib, who’s responsible for the “procurement and development of products” from various mobile device manufacturers. He talks specifically about the groundswell of enthusiast support of the EVO 4G and how that helped pave the way for Sprint to be a major player in both the Android device and 4G speed arenas. They also delve into the necessity of Android fragmentation for the sake of carrier optimization.

After an absolutely amazing segment where Nilay Patel demos a technology infused house, Salahuddin Choudhary gets on stage to talk about the Google TV. If it wasn’t made clear on the Engadget Podcast before, Nilay wasn’t too happy in his review though he did find a couple of aspects of the software interesting. He does hammer Choudhary a little bit for what the future plans for the software is and whether or not Google will really push hard to integrate it both into preexisting devices and future televisions/cable boxes.

The show wraps up with a roundtable discussion about the future of tablet computing technology and how the recently released Samsung Galaxy Tab and Nook Color might put a dent in what was really Apple’s market for the last year.

Get ready humans, because we have an all new, amazing Engadget Show fresh out of the box. First up, Josh and Paul sit down with Sprint product chief Fared Adib to talk about the birth of the EVO 4G, what exactly defines “4G,” where Sprint sees itself in relation to Verizon and AT&T, and why skinning Android devices might be a necessary evil. Next, Nilay goes hands on with the fully-automated house of the future at the Savant Experience Center in an exclusive new Engadget Show segment, then joins Josh on stage for a in-depth chat with Salahuddin Choudhary, a Google TV product manager who helped create Google TV in his 20-percent time. Then, Paul, Nilay, and Josh discuss all things tablets in a raucous roundtable featuring the iPad, Galaxy Tab, and Nook Color. To round it all out, exileFaker rocks the house with some killer chiptunes music with visuals by HN_i_C. What are you waiting for? Watch it now!

Runtime – 1:10:59

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