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Giant Bombcast 11-16-2010

by Ross Adams in GamesNovember 16th, 2010 @ 10:23 pm
Giant Bombcast

Brad was in Korea last week, to cover various Starcraft 2 tournaments and get a first hand look at the culture surrounding the series. As a result the first half hour or so of this weeks Bombcast is filled with Starcraft 2 talk, alot of which you probably won’t understand (who is Boxer exactly?). Once that’s dealt with though it’s down to some game talk.

Vinny managed to finish two games over the weekend, namely Black Ops and The Force Unleashed 2. He starts off with his thoughts on TFU2, while he had fun with it he doesn’t seem very high on it and was slightly confused about where the story ended up. He’s much more positive about Black Ops, the guys have a mostly vague discussion about some of the story elements and argue some semantics about whether it was campy in spots.

Ryan has been playing Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and is quick to point out this is a full fledged single player game. He feels like it needs to be said because some people (Brad included) seem to be under the impression it’s predominantly multiplayer. With that out of the way he can’t praise the game enough, despite the quick turnaround with the sequel it seems there’s alot of new things to do in Brotherhood. After explaining alot of the new systems the guys spend some time discussing just how much they loved AC2 and speculate on where the story of the franchise will go for the next numbered sequel.

News, new releases and emails round of the show as usual. There’s a bit more discussion than normal in the news segment thanks to some big stories such as the potential sale of Harmonix.

Brad returns from Seoul, Korea with a head cold and StarCraft II stories aplenty, Jeff and Vinny conside Ice Cube’s Russian and Sam Worthington’s Alaskan accents, Ryan sharpens his blades for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and we consider potential suitors for Harmonix on this week’s Bombcast! It’s on like… well, you know.

Runtime – 2:24:33

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