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Giant Bombcast 11-09-2010

by Ross Adams in GamesNovember 9th, 2010 @ 10:07 pm
Giant Bombcast

The recent Kinect marathon has taken its toll on Ryan Davis so he is sitting out this weeks Bombcast. Jeff takes over hosting duties while Alex Navarro joins the rest of the regular crew to make up the numbers. Brad kicks the game talk off this week with Red Dead Redemption‘s recent zombie themed DLC; Undead Nightmare. Alex wonders if, having not played Red Dead proper, he’d be able to jump in and just play Undead Nightmare. Brad thinks so but isn’t too sure, alot of the game plays on characters and locations from the main game and gives them a spooky coat.

Vinny finished Fable 3 and he agrees with Brads earlier comments that there is a specific moment in the game which ruins it for the player. He did still really enjoy the game for the most part but the ending section does seem to have soured him on it slightly.

Alex played the Wii remake of Goldeneye and was pleasantly surprised by how well executed it is. It’s just the right combination of a modern shooter with some old school sensibilities and as a result he had alot of fun with it. He also played a bunch of Kinect stuff, this leads onto a discussion of all the Kinect stuff the guys played last week. They don’t seem particularly impressed, Alex feels like he’s waiting till next year to see what games people may make once they’ve had the time.

Jeff reviewed Call of Duty: Black Ops and really enjoyed it, he thinks Treyarch made the game feeling they had something to prove and as a result it is incredibly feature packed. The campaign is mixed, he notes it suffers from some cliched moments that somewhat temper the more unique and otherwise cool parts. He’s also unsure if the changes to multiplayer are for the best as they seem to make it run its course quicker than past games.

With Ryan on the IR list, we lure Alex Navarro out of his van with some candy to talk about zombie reproduction, Fable III’s wrinkle in time, the highs and lows of the Kinect launch, Call of Duty: Black Ops, the cancellation of NBA Elite 11, and more!

Runtime – 2:08:46

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10 Responses to Giant Bombcast 11-09-2010

  1. Jesse Bass says:

    Did Jeff really enjoy Black Ops? He sounded kinda down on it. Loved the discussion on shooters in general.

    • I couldn't really tell either. I'm assuming it's a good game, just not Infinity Ward great.

      • Erik says:

        Alfried, I think that's about right. For me, it's a case where I recognize that it's a pretty good game; but I can't help but compare it to better ones.

        And confirming what I was worried about on our episode, I do think there are some almost intangible control and gameplay issues that mark this as a Treyarch game (in a negative way). The best I can describe it (and I've thrown out some really weird metaphors) is that IW games feel like the designers totally know their engine and systems because they made it; and Treyarch is designing like they're reading the instruction manual. It's like they script things as best they can with the tools they have, instead of improving the tools.

        On that note, i should stop procrastinating at work.

        • JonCole says:

          I can't say I totally disagree with you on this stuff, but I feel like there's this general feeling of contempt for Treyarch that's not really well deserved. I don't really think they've been able to crank out as technically competent games as Infinity Ward, but they do seem to have more talent for telling a decent story which is most evidenced with World at War and Black Ops. IW, on the other hand, seems to be manned by writers who are Michael Bay and 24 fanboys.

          It's hard to really give them too much grief over the mechanics of the multiplayer, though. While there are a few missteps like allowing players to vote to play the same map multiple consecutive times and a couple weak maps, it seems like they've managed to build on the core features that Infinity Ward has built up from MW1 to MW2 in a very effective way.

  2. I've yet to to pick it up. Does anyone know if on the hardest difficulty the AI rain down grenades like they did on World at War? It was obnoxious.

  3. Jesse Bass says:

    I will say that Black Ops has a really good story especially compared to the disaster of MW2 which was a thrown together mess. However I didn’t enjoy Black Ops as much as past IW games and truly MW2 was the only bad “story” from IW as CoD 1, 2 and especially 4 had great stories. Gameplay wise Black Ops it’s not as fun as any of the IW games. It feels to linear and some things bother me such as the horrible teammate AI and aggressive scripting. The overall feeling when playing Black Ops was this is awesome but I have done this before plus it contains the worst mission in any CoD. On the hardest difficulty I have not noticed consant grenade spam but I’m only 4 missions in. One thing is you can’t continue from a checkpoint so be prepared to finish a level as I lost over an hour when I stopped playing near the end of a mission.

    Multiplayer is different though. The changes they have made make the game better. No more killstreak chaining or dual shotguns which were things which made me go back to playing CoD4.

    • Erik says:

      After trying to slog through three or four missions on Veteran, I had to give up and I just jumped all the way down to recruit so I could try to enjoy the story. There isn't any grenade spam like the old games, but there are just too many enemies that kill you too quickly and take too many bullets for it to be enjoyable. Also, the checkpoints are just a little too far apart with too much happening in between.

      Oh, and Jesse, I did lose my checkpoint progress once for Vorkuta; but other than that, I've been able to shut down the game mid-level and start again at the last checkpoint. So I think losing your progress was a bug, not a feature of Veteran.

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