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Engadget Podcast 217 – 10.30.2010

by Jon Cole in Games, TechNovember 1st, 2010 @ 2:11 pm

Engadget picks their rumors very carefully and has cranked out a very high success rate as a result. Their latest hot scoop is the PSP Phone, which apparently has a motherload of confirmation behind it through pictures and multiple sources within Sony/Sony Ericsson. The guys talk about how the phone looks, the possible conflicts between games on the Android Marketplace and Sony’s offerings, and how this device might compare to the current PSP.

Apple recently hosted a “Back To Mac” conference and predictably announced Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. The Engadget crew seems mostly unimpressed, debating mostly about the “Mission Control” program switching user interface which combines elements of Expose and the iOS-like Launchpad. The Mac App Store has caused the biggest stir in the industry, bringing yet another iOS feature onto the desktop while creating a unique first-party software distribution platform.

After heaping a fair amount of praise on the MacBook Air, the guys close out the show with some discussion about the Barnes & Noble Nook Color and the pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

00:02:55 – The PlayStation Phone
00:03:55 – The PlayStation Phone is still real
00:07:45 – Sony Ericsson Z-System: the PlayStation Phone’s gaming platform?
00:26:55 – Palm gets official with webOS 2.0 and Pre 2: hitting France on Friday, Verizon ‘in the coming months’
00:30:00 – webOS 2.0 review
00:43:44 – HP Slate 500 finally (finally!) official, rings up at $799
00:50:21 – Microsoft announces a record first-quarter revenue of $16.20 billion, $5.41 billion in profit
00:52:08 – Mac OS X 10.7 Lion announced, coming summer 2011
00:52:55 – Mac App Store for OS X 10.6 and 10.7 unveiled, coming ‘within 90 days’
00:56:00 – Apple’s Mac App Store Review Guidelines posted — will Photoshop make it in?
01:20:10 – MacBook Air review (late 2010)
01:27:45 – Google TV Review
01:28:28 – Nook Color first hands-on! (updated: with video)
01:30:00 – Barnes & Noble Nook Color revealed
01:37:20 – Editorial: Why the Galaxy Tab’s price makes sense
01:37:30 – Verizon to sell Galaxy Tab starting November 11th for $599.99
01:44:00 – Samsung Galaxy Tab hitting T-Mobile USA on November 10th, $400 on contract
01:44:30 – Galaxy Tab for Sprint confirmed for November 14th: $400 with two-year contract

Runtime – 1:49:30

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