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The Engadget Show – 014: Aaron Woodman, Windows Phone 7, Google TV, MacBook Airs, and more!

by Jon Cole in TechOctober 27th, 2010 @ 5:59 pm

This month’s Engadget Show is exciting as always, welcoming Microsoft’s Aaron Woodman back onto the show to talk about Windows Phone 7 this time. Josh brings up the lack of CDMA availability right off the bat, with Aaron noting an early 2010 release on Verizon as a result of a “technology roadmap issue”. Aaron goes on to address some of the issues that the Engadget team brought up in the OS’s review, namely that some features and apps feel beta despite a strong overarching experience and more importantly multitasking.

Windows Phone 7 talk continues into the roundtable discussion, with Josh absolutely geeking out over the Dell Venue Pro (mark your Engadget bingo cards at “OMG portrait keyboard”). Keeping on the “sexy” devices kick, the guys discuss the new MacBook Air and the huge advancements introduced to the product, like DOUBLE the USB ports (1 x 2 = 2). Nilay then gives a look at the Google TV experience through the Logitech Revue box, which seems to actually be impressive in how you access content through both web sources and Amazon’s content store.

Get ready humans, because we have an all new, amazing Engadget Show fresh out of the box. For your viewing pleasure, Josh sits down with Microsoft director Aaron Woodman to chat Windows Phone 7 and demo nearly all of the new devices, including the Dell Venue Pro. Next up, Darren Murph joins the round table for a bunch of demos, including the new MacBook Airs, Palm Pre 2, and more Windows Phone 7. Nilay leads a thorough demo of Google TV via the Logitech Revue and Engadget editors Ben Drawbaugh and Tim Stevens make some unbelievable cameos. We’ve got highlights from the New York Reader Meetup, plus a Halloween costume contest that quickly gets out of hand. To round it all out, Kris Keyser brings the jams with a rocking set of chiptunes music with visuals from noteNdo. What are you waiting for? Watch it now! Hit up the new video stream after the break, now with convenient chapter markers!

Runtime – 1:12:20

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