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Tekzilla – Windows Phone 7: Thumbs Up!

by Jon Cole in TechOctober 25th, 2010 @ 2:19 pm

After quite a long absence on CastMedium, Revision3′s Tekzilla returns this week with regular updates going forward.

Reemergence of Verizon iPhone rumors have been linked to Verizon LTE plans, implying the possibility that Apple will finally take the plunge due to the new mobile telephony standard. Patrick and Veronica take this opportunity to further explain the differences between the different mobile specs on the market, highlighting the prevalence of GSM and the limited reach of CDMA.

Lead analyst for PC Mag’s Mobile division Sascha Segan joins the show to talk about what’s clearly the biggest topic of the past week, Windows Phone 7. Segan talks about some of the most unique things that Microsoft is doing to bring together disparate services into a singular mobile product, including games through Xbox Live, music through Zune, productivity through Office, and web through Internet Explorer.

A viewer sends in a very long-winded but cogent argument for the Mac Mini as a set-top HTPC, though Patrick continues to take issue with the pricing and lack of Blu-Ray in the box. The show closes out with some… innovative litterbox technology?

Mac Mini: The Ultimate Set Top Box? Our Favorite Gigabit Router, Netflix Goes Disc Free on PS3 and Wii! Can Windows Phone 7 beat. iPhone and Android: Sascha Segan Weighs In. Super Mario Brothers Turn 25, Fixing Steam Trains, Find Electronics Recycling Near You! CDMA, GSM and LTE Explained (and why we didn’t pee our pants over the Verizon iPhone) Kinect Advertising: That’ll Be Half a Billion!

Runtime – 34:14

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