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Giant Bombcast 10-19-2010

by Ross Adams in GamesOctober 20th, 2010 @ 11:07 am
Giant Bombcast

Alex Navarro joins the regular Bombcast crew for this weeks show as coverage of the cast returns to CastMedium. Super Meat Boy gets very high praise from those who’ve played it, Brad hates the game but loves it at the same time. It’s very much a game that’s not for everyone with it’s punishing difficulty and levels entirely based on trial and error.

Adorable, that’s Kirby’s Epic Yarn which Alex reviewed for GiantBomb. Aside from the incredibly cute art style Alex does say it has some very unique gameplay that uses the yarn/felt/fabric conceit. Continuing the cute games talk the guys move onto Costume Quest, which Alex managed to finish in one sitting. He describes it as “my first RPG”, it’s a very simple but entertaining game.

Jeff played through Fallout: New Vegas over the weekend, essentially locking himself in a room till he finished it. Much like Fallout 3 the game is ridden with bugs but Jeff says that doesn’t mar the fact it’s an exceptional game. In fact he thinks the story and general writing is far superior to Fallout 3s. New Vegas carrys over many systems from Fallout 3 without really putting them to much use which Jeff is a bit confused by.

EA Sports MMA of course gets immediately compared to UFC Undisputed but Jeff is ademant that the games are very different. The controls seem to be the biggest difference, with MMA having a more timing based system over Undisputeds analog stick centric method. Ryan finished Platinum Games’ Vanquish, a very solid and stylish third person shooter by all accounts. New releases and emails round out the show as usual.

We bring in Alex Navarro to help us discuss the insane torrent of new releases, including Super Meat Boy, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Costume Quest, Fallout: New Vegas, EA Sports MMA, Vanquish, Game Dev Story, and much more!

Runtime – 2:36:00

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