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Engadget Podcast 215 – 10.09.2010

by Jon Cole in Games, TechOctober 10th, 2010 @ 11:18 am

The Google TV is the biggest piece of tech on the scene this week and appropriately opens up the Engadget Podcast. The Logitech Revue is the premier launch unit for this software and offers some quality hardware. Unfortunately, the box is priced at $300 and doesn’t have any sort of tuner for cable or over-the-air content, which makes it a very questionable buy for people looking to bring new life to their entertainment center.

Staying on the Google kick, Josh and Nilay talk a little bit about the T-Mobile G2 and Verizon Droid Pro. While the former was a very exciting prospect pre-release, hackers learned that the HTC installed a failsafe to reset the ROM to the factory spec if it’s tampered with. The fact that the only stock-Froyo phone would have such a draconian feature is highly disappointing, opening up some room for Droid Pro excitement. Motorola’s upcoming phone is impressive on several levels, the most notable being the portrait-style, Blackberry-esque keyboard.

The Engadget Podcast wouldn’t be complete without a smidge of Apple talk, so the guys briefly dive into some resurfaced Verizon iPhone rumors and Ryan Block’s iPhone 4 “Glassgate” article.

00:01:00 – Engadget Podcast Bingo
00:04:10 – Engadget’s Darren Murph nabs Guinness World Record for most blog posts ever written!
00:06:39 – Logitech Revue with Google TV details: $299; free iOS, Android apps, accessories are extra
00:07:55 – Logitech Revue and accessories hands-on! (Update: video of video calling!)
00:08:17 – Dish Network prices Logitech’s Revue Google TV box at $179 for subscribers
00:13:35 – Sony’s Google TV screen sizes and prices leak?
00:32:45 – Google and Hulu in talks about Google TV integration
00:34:58 – Cisco unveils Umi consumer video conferencing system
00:38:30 – Cisco Umi hands-on
00:40:45 – AT&T U-verse customers can use Xbox 360 as a set-top box starting November 7th
00:42:30 – T-Mobile G2 review
00:45:15 – T-Mobile G2 said to have ‘hardware rootkit’ that restricts modifications (update: confirmed)
00:49:40 – Google’s Andy Rubin on Windows Phone 7: ‘the world doesn’t need another platform’
00:51:00 –
00:55:29 – Motorola and Verizon’s crazy portrait Droid Pro unveiled (update: specs!)
00:56:10 – Editorial: All I wanted this year was the best smartphone ever
00:58:30 – Motorola Droid Pro, first hands-on! (update: video!)
01:00:00 – Microsoft’s October 11 event could involve slate device announcements, unicorn sightings
01:01:35 – Steve Ballmer and AT&T’s Ralph de la Vega to headline Windows Phone 7 launch event in NYC on October 11 — we’ll be there live!
01:08:35 – Amazon app store for Android confirmed by WSJ
01:13:50 – WSJ: Verizon to sell iPhone in 2011, fifth generation iPhone is in the works (updated)
01:18:00 – Verizon to debut LTE in 38 cities, ‘half a dozen’ 4G smartphones and tablets in 1H 2011
01:18:35 – Apple afraid of a shattering followup to its Antennagate woes?
01:24:14 – Panasonic’s Jungle portable gaming system emerges, gets shown off on video (update: makes appearance on Rob Dyrdek’s MTV show)

Runtime – 1:33:38

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