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Engadget Podcast 211 – 09.04.2010

by Jon Cole in TechSeptember 5th, 2010 @ 10:02 pm

The Engadget Podcast is pretty chunky this week with plenty of tech news and the return of Nilay Patel. Much of the beginning of the show is devoted to Apple’s announcements earlier in the week, starting off with the Apple TV. After much back-patting due to some great rumor reporting, the guys talk about how AirPlay and rentals have the potential to change the marketplace when put into a device with this much attention. They then proceed to the watch-like nature of the revised Nano and how Apple totally rebooted after the previous lack of success in the camera-laden model. Apple talk wraps up with Ping, its relevance in the market, and the weak launch of the product.

Much of the rest of the show is devoted to products from IFA, namely a handful of tablets. The Samsung Galaxy Tab gets the most talk due to the fact that it seems the most polished implementation of Android on a tablet, equivalent to the transition of the iPhone OS to the iPad. The Toshiba Folio and ViewSonic ViewPad are far less impressive products, resorting to low build quality and terrible software execution. The show closes out with a handful of various mobile news, including announcements by Verizon, HP-Palm, Clearwire, and Microsoft.

00:03:40 – Live from Apple’s fall 2010 event
00:04:04 – The new Apple TV for $99
00:10:40 – Apple’s AirPlay music streaming coming to third party speaker docks, receivers, and stereos
00:12:45 – iHome teases first AirPlay-compatible portable speaker dock
00:18:50 – Amazon streaming 99-cent ABC and Fox shows… right now (update: purchases, not rentals!)
00:19:20 – Roku lowers prices across the board: HD box now $69, $99 HD-XR to get 1080p support
00:21:15 – Apple claims 50 percent of portable gaming market, iPod touch ‘outsells Nintendo and Sony combined’
00:23:00 – Apple TV (2010) first look / hands-on! (updated with video)
00:25:00 – Apple TV vs. the competition — how does it stack up?
00:29:19 – iPod nano redesigned: smaller, lighter, better and costing $149 for 8GB or $179 for 16GB
00:29:51 – iPod nano (2010) first hands-on! (update: video!)
00:36:00 – Apple announces redesigned iPod shuffle, brings the buttons back
00:35:26 – iPod touch gets revamped: retina display, FaceTime, HD video recording
00:37:28 – iPod touch (2010) first hands-on! (update: video!)
00:38:52 – Sony Bloggie Touch preview: an actually simple ‘simple camcorder’
00:44:33 – Confirmed: the iPod Classic is alive and well
00:44:55 – Apple announces iTunes 10 with Ping social network
00:45:55 – iTunes 10 (with Ping) mercifully becomes available for download (update: iOS 4 has Ping, too)
00:46:10 – Why did Apple take Facebook Connect out of Ping?
00:46:47 – All Things D: Facebook blocked Apple’s Ping service for unauthorized use
00:52:50 – We’re live from IFA 2010!
00:53:00 – Samsung Galaxy Tab preview
00:56:30 – Samsung Galaxy Tab rooted, just for bragging rights
01:00:14 – The Samsung Galaxy Tab: more relief on the go
01:02:40 – Samsung Galaxy Tab reported to retail at €699 and €799 in Europe (update: O2 Germany pricing)
01:04:18 – Galaxy Tab with WiMAX coming to Sprint this November?
01:12:18 – Toshiba Folio 100 preview
01:18:00 – ViewSonic 10-inch dual boot ViewPad preview
01:25:13 – Archos unleashes five (five!) new Android Froyo tablets, we go hands-on
01:27:55 – Palm puts webOS 2.0 SDK into limited release starting today
01:37:55 – Windows Phone 7 goes gold master, begins rolling out to partners for final launch preparations
01:40:05 – Clearwire’s Rover service goes live, offers $5/day 4G service
01:44:00 – Verizon officially announces prepaid smartphone data packages
01:47:52 – Shocker! Google’s Android logo boosted from Atari Lynx title ‘Gauntlet: The Third Encounter’

Runtime – 1:53:41

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