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Podcast Beyond: PlayStation Move

by Jon Cole in GamesSeptember 3rd, 2010 @ 12:50 pm

Podcast Beyond returns to normal after their fan-focused 150th episode bonanza, starting things  off with the news. There isn’t too much to talk about considering the imminent deluge from PAX, but there were a few pre-announcements for news to be revealed at PAX including Killzone 3 multiplayer.

This week’s topic of the week is the upcoming release of the Playstation Plus. Scott Lowe makes his first appearance on the show to talk about it, as he ultimately reviewed Move and gave it an 8.5. Ryan isn’t quite so smitten with the product after having to play through Kung Fu Rider, which he gave a 3.5 due to loose controls and frustrating gameplay. EyePet and Sports Champions are probably the go-to launch games for the platform, tapping into the feature set in appropriate and fitting ways.

Reader mail closes out the show, hitting on a couple gear topics in honor of Scott’s appearance.

Covered games and topics: Roper Report, White Knight Chronicles PSP, Fallout: New Vegas trophies, Killzone 3 multiplayer at PAX, PAX Prime plans, Playstation Plus update, Puzzle Quest 2 PSP, Back to the Future details, Mafia II, The IGN List of Upcoming Playstation Software on All Three Platforms by the IGN Editors, Pick of the Week, Playstation Move, Kung Fu Rider, EyePet, Sports Champions, reader mail

The floodgates have opened. Yes, after weeks of living in silence, the PlayStation Move embargo has lifted, and that means IGN Team PlayStation can tell you what it thinks of Sony’s new motion controller. This week, join Greg, Clements, Colin and IGN Gear God Scott Lowe as they discuss the hardware, the games, and videogame text size. Also included? One of the most heated Pick of the Week discussions in Podcast Beyond history – and this show’s really old!

Runtime – 1:04:16

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