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Engadget Podcast 210 – 08.27.2010

by Jon Cole in TechAugust 28th, 2010 @ 3:25 pm

This week’s Engadget Podcast is very similar to last week’s, covering mostly mobile devices and cameras, but lacks one Nilay Patel. The Samsung Galaxy Tab opens things up, though there’s not too much to say about it. The 7-inch Android tablet doesn’t seem to have anything particularly innovative, though does have a Hummingbird processor and a high pixel-density screen.

A handful of Android and Windows Phone 7 phones have been leaked or revealed in the past week, probably the most notable and interesting being the T-Mobile G2. While the prospect of T-Mobile’s Android UI skin isn’t too appealing, the fact that the device is seemingly a Nexus One with a hardware keyboard, Android 2.2, and HSPA+ support. The guys briefly hit on some new DSLR’s announced by Sony and Canon. The new Sony Alpha A55 and A33 both pack continuous video autofocus and Canon’s new EOS 60D has 1080p video recording and an articulating screen.

The show closes out with a lot of speculation about Apple’s upcoming event. The generally agreed upon rumors are updated iPods (specifically an iPod Touch with a retina display), new business strategies for the iTunes Store, and the iTV. Beyond that, the guys toss out some ideas about how the iTV might work, including interface issues and the possibility of TV specific apps.

00:02:29 – Samsung Galaxy Tab gets official teaser video
00:13:28 – Exclusive: Dell Thunder prototype preview (video)
00:13:50 – Exclusive: Samsung Cetus i917 bows for AT&T, shows off its Windows Phone 7 ways
00:13:58 – Exclusive: T-Mobile G2 in the wild!
00:14:05 – T-Mobile G2 again, this time with less Mr. Blurrycam
00:14:17 – Exclusive: LG C900 for AT&T has Windows Phone 7, shows off a little carrier branding
00:14:20 – Exclusive: HTC’s Windows Phone 7-equipped T8788 breaks cover for AT&T
00:14:30 – Exclusive: Motorola MB520 Kobe / Diablo for AT&T in the wild
00:26:15 – Sony Alpha A55 and A33 hands-on
00:31:42 – Canon EOS 60D: 18 megapixels and 1080p video flexes its articulating screen this September
00:36:43 – Apple to hold ‘special event’ September 1st… we’ll be there live!
01:05:07 – The Engadget Show returns tomorrow, with Samsung CSO Omar Khan, Rock Band 3, crazy giveaways, and much more!

Runtime – 1:08:10

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