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The Engadget Show – 011: Peter Molyneux, Fable III, Milo, BlackBerry Torch, Windows Phone 7

by Jonathan Downin in Games, TechAugust 6th, 2010 @ 2:55 pm

This month’s episode of The Engadget Show is another video game cross-over. Legendary designer Peter Molyneux sits down with Joshua Topolsky to discuss some of his history, Kinect and Fable III. As always, Peter keeps has a lot of insightful comments and is entertaining throughout. He also drops the bombshell that Fable III will not include Kinect support upon release. The segment ends with an on-stage demo of Fable III.

The roundtable segment start with the regular Engadget Podcast crew discussing the new Blackberry Torch. While it isn’t what they would have hoped to see from RIM’s latest handset, it seems to continue the Blackberry trend of services its target market well. They also take a look at the abysmal Augen Android tablet and a few other gadgets.

Brace yourselves, humans, because we have an all new, amazing Engadget Show fresh out of the box! For your viewing pleasure, we sit down with insightful game designer Peter Molyneux to get the inside scoop on some of his ongoing projects, from Milo to Fable III. Then, Josh, Paul, and Nilay bust out RIM’s latest, the BlackBerry Torch and put it through its paces live on stage. They dive into Windows Phone 7 and do battle with K-mart’s Augen Android tablet, and a bunch of audience members walk away with giveaways. Oh yeah, we also have brain-busting music from Zen Albatross and mind-numbing visuals from invaderbacca that you will absolutely want to check out. What are you waiting for? Watch it now!

Runtime – 1:22:45

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One Response to The Engadget Show – 011: Peter Molyneux, Fable III, Milo, BlackBerry Torch, Windows Phone 7

  1. JonCole says:

    Man, anyone else feel really awkward watching Josh interview Peter? Josh clearly isn't the best live interviewer around, but I'm usually fairly entertained by his alternatively good and so-bad-it's-good jokes… Peter just wasn't very receptive to either. Not to mention Peter does that strange thing of verbally humming confirmation at almost every word Josh utters, which kind of made me cringe.

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