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Podcast Beyond: Batman Returns

by Jon Cole in GamesAugust 6th, 2010 @ 6:06 pm
podcast beyond

This week’s show starts off with a quick story about a Dance Dance Revolution competition between IGN editors and their readers. After that, things proceed into the Roper Report to talk about the announcement of Batman: Arkham City as well as the game’s beautiful Game Informer cover. Also in the news is the unfortunate news that Playstation Plus updates will be scaled back to a biweekly schedule, which makes it harder to recommend from even the most dedicated Sony fans. Regardless, Colin still finds the service worthwhile, with a year and three months being more than enough to recoup the $50 price of entry.

The topic of the week is reader mail and it consequently closes out the show.  They cover a multitude of topics including developers the editors would love to work for, collector’s editions, and converting girlfriends from Wii fans to PS3 fans.

Covered games and topics:  IGN Meet and Greet, Batman: Arkham City announcement, Modnation Racers patch, Bioshock 2 DLC, Crysis 2 delay, Uncharted movie unannounced, Insomniac announcement announcement, Playstation Plus updates downscaled from weekly to biweekly, COD map packs sell over 20 million units, The Official IGN List of Upcoming Playstation Software on All Three Platforms by the IGN Editors, Just the Tip, reader mail

Greg and Colin are Clements-less this week, but that means the dynamic duo gets to bring newshound Jim Reilly and IGN’s Big Watermelon Hilary Goldstein into the fray. The boys are tired after an IGN Meet and Greet last night, but news about Batman: Arkham City have the kids all juiced up. Beyond that – BEYOND! – the foursome talks Earthworm Jim HD, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and a bet about Jim’s beard. Download and listen right now!

Runtime – 1:11:07

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