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TWiT 240: The Texas Reach-Around

by Jon Cole in TechMarch 24th, 2010 @ 5:46 pm

Twitter’s birthday starts things off for this show, allowing Leo to plug @LisaTickledPink and give another mention to the associated iPad giveaway.  Next up is Sprint’s deceptive marketing in their recent commercial, advertising their 4G services while showing an iPhone accessing 4G via their wi-fi mobile hotspot.  Wrapping up the mobile talk, Leo talks a little bit about Palm’s recent drop in stock prices while John essentially holds a funeral for the company.

The biggest mainstream tech news of the week is the story of a “hacker” who used a remote blackbox system to disable over 100 random cars after being fired from a car dealership.  Leo takes issue with the wordage of the news, saying that the guy didn’t “hack” anything, rather getting system access from a friend still employed by the company.  John says that the system was broken from the start and that people would be enraged to know that their vehicle could be arbitrarily repossessed at any time.

Yelp has also been getting a little bit of mainstream attention, following rumors that companies were being blackmailed by the siterunners with threats of to their review structure in exchange for advertisement.  Leo and John agree that online reviews of this nature are subject to a heaping grain of salt, along with an intelligent assessment of individual reviewers who may be suspect.

Twitter’s birthday, Sprint iPhone 4G, Palm goes down, Piracy too sexy, remote car disabling, and more.

Runtime – 1:42:37

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