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Filmspotting #294: Alice in Wonderland / Un Prophet Interview / 2010 Oscar Picks

by Jon Cole in MoviesMarch 7th, 2010 @ 2:22 pm

Filmspotting dives in the rabbit hole this week with their review of Alice in Wonderland.  Adam starts things off by putting his total lack of Alice experience on the table, never having consumed the film before in either it’s previous written or cinematic outlets.  Unburdened by expectations, he does say that many of the elements of the film feel familiar, but he ultimately enjoyed the film and specifically Johnny Depp’s performance.  Matty gives due favor to the brilliant visuals of Tim Burton’s latest, but puts most of his praise into the performance of Helena Bonham Carter, who played the Red Queen.  In the end, both of the guys enjoyed the movie, despite Matty’s dissatisfaction with the lack of suspense in the last couple acts.

The middle segment is a short review of Un Prophet, an Oscar-nominated foreign film that was very well received on the film festival circuit.  The review leads into an interview with director Jacques Audiard and lead actor Tahar Rahim that he conducted at Sundance.

The cast closes out with Adam and Matty’s Oscar Picks, giving high praise to a lot of the films and performances they’ve covered over the past year.  If you’re new or prospective to listening to Filmspotting, this episode can help give a lot of context to the general likes and dislikes of the show’s hosts.

:13-19:13 – Review: “Alice in Wonderland”
Music: Sad Brad Smith, “Sure”
19:54-23:15 – Massacre Theatre (Winner: A. Rich)
23:16-25:51 – Notes, Polls
25:52-31:44 – Short Review: “Un Prophet”
31:45-42:24 – Interview: Audiard/Rahim
Music: Sad Brad Smith, “Help Yourself”
42:56-51:47 – New DVDs / Donations
51:48-1:10:48 – Oscar Picks
1:10:49-1:13:17 – Close / Next Show / Outtakes

Runtime – 1:13:22

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2 Responses to Filmspotting #294: Alice in Wonderland / Un Prophet Interview / 2010 Oscar Picks

  1. Alex Martin says:

    I'm glad they someone else liked this. I really enjoyed it. And Mia Wasikowska is hot.

  2. Alex Martin says:

    It's certainly not great, but it is fun. I'm not that familiar with Burton, so I didn't have stellar expectations going in.

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