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Giant Bombcast 03-02-2010

by Derek Lavigne in GamesMarch 3rd, 2010 @ 1:18 am

This week’s Bombcast starts off with a late addition segment focusing on the recent Infinity Ward/Activision controversy. All of the guys have their unique perspectives but seem to agree that Activision holds all the legal rights and that IW may have tried to go rogue unsuccessfully. They also feel, barring litigation, that there will be a new studio very soon from the former IW heads.

Ryan starts off the actual podcast by discussing his trip to Liverpool with Vinny to see Blur, which he says looks and feels much better than it did the last time it was shown to the public.  Jeff steps up next to talk about the Nintendo event from last week and spends much of the time on Metroid: Other M and his mixed feelings about it. He also mentions Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Ryan discloses his hatred for Yoshi.  Brad quickly talks about the lamb he ate while seeing God of War III before Jeff takes the reigns again to talk about Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

News starts off with the obvious topic of the PS3 outage and how vague the statements from Sony were about it. They move on to the recently purchase of Rocksteady by Warner Brothers and whether they will be forced to pump out super hero games. New releases and emails close out the show like usual.

Covered games and topics: IW Drama, UK trip, Bad Company 2, Metroid, Mario Galaxy 2, Blur, God of War III, Bad Company 2, Rocksteady, loud WiiWare music

We break into our regularly scheduled podcast to talk about today’s Infinity Ward news, then it’s on to a sleepy discussion of Metroid: Other M, God of War III, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and something that qualifies as much, much more!

Runtime – 2:34:43

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