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Engadget Podcast 181 – 01.29.2010

by Jonathan Downin in TechJanuary 29th, 2010 @ 8:22 pm
Engadget Podcast

Apple announced their foray in the burgeoning tablet market on Wednesday with the iPad. After years of speculation it is safe to say that the Engadget guys are a little underwhelmed and somewhat skeptical. Their biggest point here is that the use case for this kind of device has still not been made.

The lack of multitasking is the biggest miss discussed here. They ague that with the iPad positioned as a productivity computing device, it simply fails without the ability to multitask, which Joshua points out as the cornerstone to productivity. The inexplicable lack of features also makes the guys feel like their may be more to the iPad with the introduction of iPhone OS 4.0, and that we may see this before the device even launches. The lack of Flash, among other things, is huge sticking point as well.

While the bulk of the discussion falls on the critical side, things end with some hopeful comments. The iPad is an easy choice for someone thinking about getting a kindle, it destroys the viability of something like the JooJoo and has amazing potential in its hardware.

The editors and producers of the Engadget Podcast cash in on their single biggest source of income: payoffs from Apple. Strap yourself in for 1.5 hours of iPad madness [a.k.a. iPadness] from the only three people in the blogosphere with matching iPad tattoos on their lower backs.

00:01:00 - The Apple iPad: starting at $499
00:03:00 - Live from the Apple ‘latest creation’ event
00:07:00 - iPad can run all iPhone apps unmodified, new iPhone SDK out today lets developers tweak apps for iPad use
00:08:00 - Apple iPad launch day roundup: everything you need to know
00:10:00 - Apple iPad 3G service plans on AT&T, $30 for unlimited data
00:21:05 - The Apple Tablet: a complete history, supposedly
00:21:20 - Is this the Apple tablet? (update: new images)
00:24:20 - Editorial: Engadget on the Apple iPad
00:33:30 - Apple’s iPad keyboard dock, case and other accessories get the hands-on treatment
00:48:30 - Adobe on Flash and the iPad: ‘Apple is continuing to impose restrictions on their devices’
01:00:00 - iPad or Kindle: will our wallets decide?
01:26:20 - HP Slate teases us with another video appearance

Runtime – 1:34:41

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