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The Engadget Show – 005: Google’s Erick Tseng, CES wrap-up, WiDi, AR.Drone, and more!

by Jonathan Downin in TechJanuary 19th, 2010 @ 5:41 pm
Engadget Show 005

The Engadget Show is back and the special guest on this episode is Senior Product Manager of Android, Erick Tseng. He is talking about the recently released Nexus One and the Android platform as a whole. Joshua is again taking a pretty hard-lined approach to the questions he asks here, but to little affect. Despite the lack of new information, Erick provides an overview of the state of Android and puts a human face on Android development.

In the Engadget Podcast half, the guys are covering some of the bigger products of CES. They also take the opportunity to show off some of the products that they were able to obtain for live demos. Intel’s Wireless display technology is demoed, and it looks decent. Paul shows a new small form factor gaming notebook from Alienware, and then the Plastic Logic QUE gets some hands-on time. The big draw here is the iPhone controlled AR.Drone, which Nilay proceeds to fly around the auditorium to close-out the show.

Well it’s been a wild couple of weeks here at Engadget. Between CES 2010 (our biggest show ever), the Nexus One launch, forthcoming Apple announcements (and loads of Apple rumors), it’s unlikely we’ll forget the start of our new decade anytime soon. Still, amidst all the craziness we had time to sit down for another Engadget Show — and what a show it was. Grab a loved one and a tasty beverage of your choosing and settle in to watch our in-depth interview with Erick Tseng, a wrap-up of all things CES, plus fascinating demos of Intel’s new Wireless Display, Parrot’s crazy AR.Drone, the Plastic Logic QUE, Alienware’s M11X, and so much more. Tune in now — you’ll kick yourself if you miss this.

Runtime – 1:11:11

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