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Podcast Beyond, Episode 120

by Jonathan Downin in GamesJanuary 8th, 2010 @ 12:12 am
Podcast Beyond

The Beyonders are back in 2010. Releases kick things off and Darksiders takes the Pick of the Week since Bayonetta is in very poor shape in its PS3 release. The port seems to have been botched on all fronts and makes Ryan, who loved the game on Xbox 360, almost unable to say that it is even worth getting if all you have is a PS3.

Roper, as the resident tech-head, talks a little bit about this year’s CES. Sony didn’t have too much to say on the gaming front, but they did focus heavily on 3D (the 3D glasses kind). No one in the Beyond crew is excited about 3D being a focus for future games and they don’t pull any punches in expressing their disinterest.

Emails yield a few interesting questions and have the guys talking about utilization of Blu-ray disc space, their favorite developers and the timeline for PS4.

Covered games and topics: Releases, Bayonetta, CES ’10, 3D in games, emails, Blu-ray and PS3 technology, favorite developers, PS4

Chris, Greg and Ryan are joined by the knowledgeable and devoted Colin for the very first Podcast Beyond of 2010! In today’s episode, which celebrates the dawn of a new decade, the Beyond Crew discusses 3D technology and its relevance to games and movies. Will the whole 3D goggles shtick ever catch on? Will Colin have to purchases cybernetic implants for his left eye? Who knows! But listen anyway.

Runtime – 59:29

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