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Engadget Podcast 175: CES 2010 Day 1 – 01.06.2010

by Jonathan Downin in TechJanuary 6th, 2010 @ 4:45 pm
Engadget Podcast

The Engadget crew is working overtime with their coverage of the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show kicking into high gear. This is the 1st of daily podcasts that the trio will being doing over the course of the show.

Nexus One talk starts things off, and while it is a good smartphone, it isn’t quite enough for a phone coming from Google. Rumors have been swirling that Steve Ballmer may be introducing a Microsoft tablet device during tonight’s press conference.

Asus has a ton of new offering that they are showing off, and some are better than others– and some are just downright ridiculous. Wait for the NX90 and Wave Face discussion, you won’t be disappointing. E-book discussion is pervasive and excitement for the Boxee Box finishes the show, but there is plenty more coming with another podcast tomorrow.

What fits in a doublewide trailer, loves Lady Gaga, and smells like the 3-week-old oil in a neglected deep fryer? Why, it’s Engadget’s 2010 CES coverage, of course! Join us for the first in a series of what is destined to be a spellbinding and uncensored peek into the private lives of your favorite bloggers during an annual melange of stress, sleep deprivation, and wacky concept devices. It’s the Engadget Podcast – beaming the shimmering seediness of Las Vegas direct to your home and/or portable media player for far too many years running.

01:31 – Nexus One review
01:53 – Verizon getting Google’s Nexus One in Spring 2010
17:00 – Microsoft to reveal HP built Courier slate tomorrow?
20:20 – Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid hands-on and impressions
24:30 – Lenovo Skylight hands-on and impressions (video)
35:25 – Live from ASUS’s CES press event
35:36 – ASUS gets official with Eee PC 1008P Seashell: available in hot pink and coffee brown (updated: with video!)
35:40 – ASUS announces U series Bamboo Collection laptops, gives little detail
36:23 – ASUS ROG G73jh launches with Core i7, Radeon HD 5870, bragging rights
36:55 – ASUS NX90Jq hands-on: dual touchpads unite! (update: video)
43:53 – Skiff Reader is largest yet, will be hitting a Sprint Store near you
45:00 – Spring Design Alex hands-on (Update: video!)
50:25 – Michael Jackson ‘This is It’ PS3 bundle makes it a better place for you and me
51:10 – Hands-on with the Boxee Box

Runtime – 58:10

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One Response to Engadget Podcast 175: CES 2010 Day 1 – 01.06.2010

  1. JonCole says:

    Well, clearly the Engadget guys are on my side thinking that the Nexus One looks horrible. Please gravitate more towards your Hero design in the future, HTC.

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