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/Filmcast Ep. 82 – Sherlock Holmes & Up in the Air

by Jon Cole in MoviesJanuary 1st, 2010 @ 6:27 pm

This week’s /Filmcast starts as normal with recently watched movies, in this case predominantly discussing A Perfect Getaway.  Though anachronistic in a handful of ways, the guys agree that the film was enjoyable and ultimately more original than not.  Adam wraps up the segment by bringing up his viewing of Avatar in IMAX 3D.

At the expense of the Film News segment, the /Filmcast tackles two film’s this week, starting off with Sherlock Holmes. Everyone agrees that Robert Downey Jr. was definitely the strongest offering of this period piece, but Guy Ritchie’s so called resurgence is the point of contention.  Dave praises some of the safe but strong choices Ritchie makes, but Adam is unconvinced of the film’s overall quality and instead heaps praise on Downey for keeping the film buoyant.

Since Up in the Air is a bit more acute than the latter movie, the review is best told with spoilers (which they choose to hold off on until the end of the show).  Yet again, Dave and Adam disagree on the accessibility of the film, though they can concede that George Clooney and Anna Kendrick give strong performances and Reitman wrote an interesting script.

Note:  Make sure to check out this week’s /Filmcast: After Dark, where the crew discusses their top films of 2009.

Covered movies and topics:  Skhizein, Misfits, A Perfect Getaway, It’s Complicated, A Single Man, Avatar (IMAX 3D), Sherlock Holmes, Up in the Air

This week, Dave Chen, Devindra Hardawar and Adam Quigley discuss the pleasures of A Perfect Getaway, praise the beauty of A Single Man, and do a double review of Sherlock Holmes and Up in the Air.

Runtime – 1:18:57

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