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Casual-Hardcore: Game Informer’s World Of Warcraft Podcast Arrives

by Ross Adams in GamesDecember 22nd, 2009 @ 4:34 pm

After a lengthy hiatus from podcast hosting, Philip Kollar is back with a new show to add to the Game Informer line-up. Casual-Hardcore is a mostly World of Warcraft focused show with occasional look at other MMOs.

This first episode is almost entirely Warcraft related, with a small aside discussing Final Fantasy XIV. Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada’s recent comments about why he thinks WoW will fail is the jumping off point for that talk. As if to show they are qualified to be on the show each of the hosts lists off their current characters, Adam alone has 4 Level 80′s which is quite impressive.

The recent 3.3 patch is the subject of the rest of the show. The guys hit alot of the changes in the patch but there is also alot of interesting discussion about reactions to patches and the inevitable class/game changes that come with them. While a bit more focus on other MMOs would give the show more appeal there is certainly some great in-depth discussion here for WoW players.

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Earlier this year, we kicked off Game Informer’s first ever audio podcast, The Game Informer Show. We’ve got big plans for continuing that particular weekly show in 2010, but we’ve also been working ideas for some new podcasts, the first of which we’re debuting before the new year even starts! Casual-Hardcore is our new biweekly podcast devoted to World of Warcraft and other MMOs. Every other Tuesday we’ll release a new episode full of news, discussion, guests, and interviews mostly focusing on Azeroth but occasionally delving into other massive online worlds. We start off strong this week as Game Informer editors Andy McNamara, Adam Biessener, and Philip Kollar introduce their mains, talk out every detail of WoW’s giant patch 3.3 update, and consider the hurdles Final Fantasy XIV faces if it seriously hopes to dethrone Blizzard.

Give it a listen, let us know your thoughts, and stay tuned for a new episode after the new year!

Runtime – 0:51:36

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