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The Totally Rad Show – Episode 143: Game Changer

by Jonathan Downin in Games, Movies, TVDecember 15th, 2009 @ 6:18 am

The Totally Rad ShowIt is a big week with the guys reviewing Avatar, and we may be seeing a trend here. The guys more than loved it. Just look at the title of this episode, “Game Changer.” Jeff puts it amazingly when he says “I was emotionally moved by the triumph of what I was seeing on screen.” Alex also calls it “The best sci-fi movie of all time.” Sounds like something special indeed.

The Saboteur doesn’t entertain in quite the same way. While everyone appreciated the milieu, the execution is again labeled as sloppy and unrefined. The set pieces are successful in winning-over the guys somewhat though.

We get a TV section this week with the guys talking about The Prisoner. Ian McKellen gets some praise, but the mini-series isn’t doing it for anyone here.

Can James Cameron’s Avatar possibly transcend the hype? Does The Saboteur out-GTA GTA IV? Is The Prisoner remake worth watching? The BBC delivers Toy Stories in time for the Holidays.

Runtime – 1:10:25

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