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The Oddcast: 12/03/2009

by Ross Adams in GamesDecember 4th, 2009 @ 1:24 pm

The OddcastTales of thanksgiving trips start off the show this week. Not much besides Assassins Creed 2 got played over the break it would seem. A surprisingly spirited debate about the potential non-gaming applications of Natal is up next. There are certainly some interesting ideas, but whether they become reality remains to be seen.

The crew move on to discussing some indie/free games including Captain Forever, Continuity and Fantasy of the Sword, and there are a lot of points hit here. Tina recommends checking out 1UP community member Matt Clark‘s blog, he specializes in writing joke emails to games companies. The cast closes out with an email about Wii JRPGs, and a listener wonders why the system has been neglected when it comes to the genre.

Covered games and topics: thanksgiving, Assassins Creed 2, King of Fighters movie trailer, Project Natal, Avatar pets, Medal of Honour reboot, Modern Warfare 2 javelin glitch, Indie games, Games aimed at young girls, JRPGs

What do bloody sneakers, biker soldiers, crappy videogame movies, sliding block puzzles, Semtex and The Clapper all have in common? I guess you could use them together in some lame new torture technique, but they’re also subjects that came up in this week’s gaming news. Which we talk about. With our mouths.

Runtime – 0:57:42

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