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The Engadget Show – 003: Drew Bamford, Joystiq’s Chris Grant, Adamo XPS, and lots of game demos

by Jonathan Downin in Games, TechNovember 24th, 2009 @ 9:53 am

The Engadget ShowThe Engadget Podcast and Engadget Show released on the same day– that’s a lot of Engadget.

HTC’s Director of User Experience, Drew Bamford, is the special guest this time around. He has been with the company for many years and has been a driving force behind HTC’s Sense UI from the beginning. The interview doesn’t lend too much insight, but this seems to be due to the somewhat PR-speak style Bamford employs.

Nilay and Paul join Joshua on stage to discuss the Dell Adamo XPS and recent redesign of before welcoming Joystiq‘s Chris Grant on to discuss this holiday’s games. There is nothing too insightful here, and Activision’s peripheral-laden lineup becomes the main target of many jokes.

This is a big one, folks. The new installment of The Engadget Show is jam-packed with goodness. First up, Josh sits down with HTC’s director of user experience Drew Bamford to discuss Android, Sense, Windows Mobile and a whole lot more. Then we’ve got a charming little segment where Paul and Josh go hunting around NYC for KIRFs, and Chris Grant joins the gang on stage for a dissection of the holiday gaming situation… and some demos where the gang gets to show off their totally radical moves. Seriously, Josh and Nilay have a DJ Hero battle, and Paul Miller skates (but doesn’t die) in Tony Hawk: Ride. Don’t miss this one — it might just be the best yet!

Runtime – 1:13:27

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