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Engadget Podcast 169 – 10.31.2009

by Jonathan Downin in TechOctober 31st, 2009 @ 6:05 pm

Engadget PodcastThe DROID is taking over. Glancing at the time break-down of the show, you may think that the main DROID talk takes in the first 20 minutes, but it actually runs through the first 40 minutes. There is a lot to say (see the review) about the new handset, and the guys generally agree that this is a huge release, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the introduction of the iPhone. The handset, Android 2.0 and Google turn-by-turn GPS come together to form the Voltron of the smartphone world.

RIM’s Storm2 is now available, but many may have missed it with all of the DROID press. It’s okay, there’s nothing much to note about this new iteration anyway. Much as the gdgt guys did a few weeks ago, the Blackberry OS is dismissed here as not being in the same league and OSX mobile, Android or Windows Mobile.

The guys touch on the recently confirmed DSi XL, and are as baffled as anyone as to if Nintendo is trying to do anything more here than cater to an older demographic. Netflix on PS3 has them wondering why a disc is required, and the new Apple TV 3.0 software update insights some discussion about the state of he product. Josh closes out the show by mentioning that he will be appearing on Jimmy Fallon again sometime between November 6 – 9 to show off some hot new gadgets.

Tired of all the DROID talk? Well, tough cookies, mister. Nilay, Paul and Josh have a lot to say on the subject, and you’re just going to have to sit there and take it. Or you could skip the first 40 minutes of this week’s podcast, but that’s just a recipe for regret. If you do stick it out you’ll be treated to some unusually candid discussion of Josh’s facial hair and other more pertinent questions picked from the USTREAM discussion that will almost certainly frighten you straight.

00:01:28 – Motorola DROID review
00:19:08 – HTC confirmed to be cooking up Android 2.0 update for Hero, other devices unclear
00:19:19 – Android 2.0 ported to original T-Mobile G1 (video)
00:19:29 – HTC Droid Eris peeks its head out once more, shows off 5MP camera
00:30:48 – Google Navigation video hands-on: you want this
00:32:25 – The game has changed
00:37:18 – How-to: hack your own DROID dock with magnets and cardboard
00:41:20 – Storm2 now available from Verizon for those who waited
00:49:25 – Nintendo DSi LL goes large in Japan on November 21 (update: DSi XL in Europe Q1)
00:53:41 – Netflix for PlayStation 3 requires a disc, software solution coming late 2010
00:57:28 – Apple TV 3.0 software update is out, with iTunes Extras, LP & Genius in tow
01:06:23 – Nokia vs. Apple: the in-depth analysis
01:06:40 – How-to: recycle your old gadgets

Runtime – 1:19:31

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