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Podcast Beyond, Episode 112

by Jonathan Downin in GamesOctober 23rd, 2009 @ 1:06 am

Podcast BeyondSega has confirmed that they are bringing out an updated version of the racing classic, Daytona USA. The new HD version will be titled Sega Racing Classic, but it has yet to be confirmed outside of an arcade release. Gran Turismo gets a bit of discussion before Greg decides that he wants to break the record for consecutive hours of GTAIV play.

The guys talk about Borderlands and then move onto Uncharted 2. Everyone is still singing the praises of Uncharted 2 and this leads into a discussion of PS3 having the best exclusives of the year. DJ Hero takes over as Ryan argues for the Renegade Edition. At $200 it seems overly expensive and the narrower appeal of the game may catch Activision by surprise in sales.

Covered games and topics: Sega Racing Classic, Gran Turismo 5, GTA4 world record, new releases, Borderlands, Uncharted 2, emails, DJ Hero

Chris, Greg and Ryan are joined once again by Sam “The Bishop” Bishop in another episode of Podcast beyond. On this week’s show, the crew chats about the amazing exclusive games that have hit the PlayStation 3 this year and which one earns the coveted position of “their favorite.” Could this be the turning point in the console war?! They see a light at the end of the tunnel!

Runtime – 57:08

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