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TWiT 215: Who Needs This Crap?

by Jonathan Downin in TechOctober 5th, 2009 @ 4:12 am

TWiTThere have been reports flying around the web that Comcast may be in the market to acquire a controlling share of NBC. This could lead to some drastic changes in how easy it is to watch streaming TV shows over the internet with cable providers having a large interesting in driving package subscriptions. A play for NBC could be a way for Comcast to protect their traditional revenue streams.

The topic of advertising takes a big chunk of time this week. It is popular topic and the crew weighs in with their takes on viable strategies. Leo is a strong proponent of targeted and relevant advertising, but Wil has his own take on advertising and feels that content aggregation is the only viable road to success. Dvorak pipes in to say he hates it all and prefers to beg for money– public television style.

Newegg is setting up to be 1 of the first tech IPOs in years. According to Wil Harris, while their revenues are north of $2billion, with a margin of 1.4% they are in the double digit millions in actual profits. This makes an IPO somewhat questionable.

Comcast-NBC, podcasting money, Windows 7, Newegg IPO, 2 billion iPhone apps, and more.

Runtime – 1:41:39

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