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TWiT 214: Live From Caracas

by Jonathan Downin in TechSeptember 28th, 2009 @ 8:40 am

TWiTIt’s back to the classic group of TWiTs this week with Patrick Norton and Kevin Rose. Google’s Sidewiki project is not getting a positive response from Leo. He argues that this is bad for site owners as they lose control of the discussion around their content. USB 3.0 and Intel’s Light Peak lead into a discussion about SSDs and Leo shares his experience. Tablet talk also sneaks in with Courier and the mythical Apple tablet.

Kevin talks about the code-share Digg has with Facebook using the open source project Casandra. Since Twitter is in Kevin’s realm of social networks, Leo throws it to him to talk about ad effectiveness, why Google might want to be them and where the service needs to go next. Kevin points out that many of less tech savvy people are Twitter refer to the service as their “web site.” This is an extremely interesting and insightful tidbit.

G4 has contacted Leo about wanting to create a video site that would feature all of the old Tech TV video. Kevin says that G4 had a Tech TV clip he linked to last week removed from YouTube and this may be why. Even though many tech subjects don’t age well, there is still some content that would be relevant today, hopefully this happens.

Google turns 11, Facebook browser, Twitter funding, Google Sidewiki, Photoshop disclosure, and more.

Runtime – 1:39:59

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