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MacBreak Weekly 158: They Don’t Have That in the US

by Jonathan Downin in TechSeptember 16th, 2009 @ 5:09 am

MacBreak WeeklyAndy and Alex have both gotten their hands on the new camera-equipped iPod nano and the impressions are fairly positive.  While the image quality takes a serious hit when moving quickly, walking and in low-light situations, the video looks great in optimal conditions.  Overall, it seems to be a great addition to the device.

The camera-less iPod Touch receives a lot of attention with the group again reiterating that a camera equipped version will probably show up in the next few months.  The technical differences between the 8Gb and higher-end models also has the guys somewhat puzzled.

Leo and Andy have the new Zune HD and it sounds like they are really enamored by the device and the aesthetics of the user interface.  While it probably won’t overtake the iPod Touch in sales, it sounds like a more than worthy competitor and addition to the space.  The recent price-drop of the Apple TV is discussed as well with the general feeling being that it will be scrapped and replaced with a new product sometime soon.

Zune HD, iPod Nano camera, cameraless Touch, Apple TV price drop, dream acquisitions, and more.

Runtime – 1:38:50

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