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Command Prompt Podcast, Epsiode 57

by Jonathan Downin in GamesAugust 18th, 2009 @ 11:45 pm

Command PromptFirst up this week is news of Age of Conan’s first expansion pack up for release.  Apparently the game sold quite well last year ranking 3rd in overall PC game sales.  The real measure of success for MMO’s is in the subscription numbers though.  EA also revealed their first expansion pack for The Sims 3 that will allow your Sims to visit noteable world locals.

QuakeCon was last week and Jeff Haynes was there to experience his first one.  It sounds like there was a lot of interesting information being thrown out at the convention with most of the juiciest bits being about RAGE.  Jeff goes into detail about the structure of the game and it sounds reminiscent of Fallout 3 seeing how it is a shooter with RPG elements.  The car combat is one thing that really differentiates the 2 game though.

Jason has played through Dragon Age: Origins and it sounds like it is the game everyone was hoping it would be.  He compares it several times to Balder’s Gate and anyone who has played that game knows that this is a very good thing.  The emails section sparks a discussion about MMO first person shooters and if the formula can work.

Covered games and topics: Age of Conan, Sims World Adventures, PS3 Slim, RAGE, QuakeCon, StarCraft 2, Dragon Age, emails, MMOFPS

Yes, we’ve heard your pleas and we’re back on the old podcast headsets this week for some better audio quality, and just in time, too, as there’s a ton of news this week. For one, you know it’s August if there are more ‘cons than you can shake a stick at! Last week, Jeff was at QuakeCon in Dallas. This week, Steve is in Germany for the huge Gamescom convention. And this weekend, Jeff is in SoCal for Blizzcon. This means there’s a lot of news, from the new Age of Conan expansion, the new Sims 3 expansion, Rage, and more. Plus, yeah, Jason beat Dragon Age. Now he can sleep.

Runtime – 1:00:40

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